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Ginny from SC, I was in Houston at our luncheon gathering also. Last year there wasn't one and I'm hoping there will be this year. Always fun.And, thanks to Kari, not only for this group, but for all her advice and help.And, this group was so kind to my DH and I when we lost our home to Bastrop County, TX wildfire in 2011. I still have every card sent to us during this time. And, the donation helped in reestablishing my sewing room.So thanks for the help I've been give, the help I hope I've given, and that we continue another 10 years.Ewalda in Central TX


#116731 Aug 31

Yes, I remember you being there and trying to catch up with everyone, also, the tragedy you went through.

I think that was the morning of my Kaffe class and I was a little late getting down there, so, met a few, but would have loved to be there at the beginning to get introductions.

Always such a nice group,

That had been a bucket list item for me, with my Boston group, then 911 hit and one of my friends wouldn't fly, luckily a group of friends from here (our retirement home) were going (2012)and asked me to go along, then heart surgery and the surgeon saw this crazed woman saying " you know how people have bucket lists". Well, I did well with rehab and off I went!!!

Aren't we a wonderful group!!!!!

Happy Anniversary!!


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Thanks to Kari for aall that you've done for this group. It is really

appreciated. Fran