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#20171 Jan 9, 2008

I am making the Bernina 12 gifts of Xmas quilt where you use

decorative stitches and then cut the blocks and put them with a focus

fabric. Now that I have several blocks done I am wondering how to

quilt the quilt since I do not want to add anything to the decorative

stitch areas. Anyone have any ideas?

Mary Eunice Weinkauf



#20263 Jan 11, 2008

I saw this done in MD on a trip through there via sewing shops.. They

put plain blocks of the background fabric between the decorative blocks

and quilted the plain blocks. Very effective. It made the decorative

blocks stand out.



#20264 Jan 11, 2008

I am interested in this quilt you are talking about. Do you have a

picture you could post? I would love to see it. Also, where did you

get the pattern for it?

Hildur from Palm Coast, Florida

--- In, Mary Eunice Weinkauf


#20276 Jan 11, 2008


#20279 Jan 11, 2008

Hi Hildur, I think this is one of the 12 weeks of Giving from the

Bernina site. It was saved in a PDF file on the QSS site on the

files page, go to bottom of page for PDF's and it is titled 3_Quilt

of Stitches. Hope that's it.


--- In, Helen Schmitt


#20287 Jan 12, 2008

My Dealer made the "Quilt of Stitches" and just

stitched in the ditch around the triangles. After

washing it gave a very puffy look.

My wife and I are in the process of finishing one of

these for a gift and are planning to use a simple

decorative stitch over the seams (i.e. stitch in the

ditch, but with a decorative stich that shows) around

the edges of the solid fabrics (the ones with the

decorative stitches) and will freemotion quilt around

features of the print (floral) in the other triangles.

We arranged the triangles a little differently and are

using sashing between rows.




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#20288 Jan 12, 2008

Not finding it at in the Quarterly Software

Society lessons. Can you give the web page site?



#20289 Jan 12, 2008

They are in the QSS group list

* ---Links-Are-Forbidden--- NSW Australia


#20291 Jan 12, 2008

I have the Bernina Projects saved on my computer and will be glad to

email this one for the quilt to anyone who needs it. Let me know.


--- In, Helen Schmitt