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#74726 Jul 3, 2011

Kari as usual I am a little confused I think you are

saying you had better luck with the shank adaptor and

Viking ankle is this correct???? Did you try also the

#125 master shank adaptor that doesn't require the

ankle it is one piece?????? That is the less expensive

way for me to go and also would think it would be

easier to use. If I buy the shank adaptor alone I will

also have to buy a second Viking ankle because I use

my Viking daily in additon to my Bernina and wouldn't

want to keep having to keep taking the ankle on and off.

One foot I would like to use is my Viking snap-on

a double cording/welting foot plus pintuck and several

others I have and finding buying the optional Bernina

feet is very costly. I have spent well over $500 the day

I bought my machine picking up optional feet. The dealer

was great and gave me a nice discount but still when I

have dozens of the Viking snap-on sure would like to be

using some of them. Thanks so much for responging to my

post. Jeanie in NH


#74727 Jul 3, 2011

The #125 will not accept the Viking snap-on feet, at least none of the

ones I own. They require a specific Viking ankle and that ankle must

then fit the adapter shank.

Yes, I use my Viking feet with a Viking ankle and the Bernina #75 shank.


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cover, it will be discovered that the wrong access cover has been

removed. - De La Lastra's Law


#74743 Jul 3, 2011


Thank you so much for posting this. I have a ruffler with an old style screw in adaptor and I purchased a low shank adapter and snap on foot holder from a guy on ebay for $15 so I could use this foot and some other snap-on's I have for my mechanical 1008 on the new 440QE that's being shipped as we speak. I had wondered if I could use other major brands feet, because quiet frankly they are often too expensive from Bernina and take up too much room. My snap on foot holder for the 1008 has the red button. It is much nicer than the one I got from ebay, but I understand why the one from ebay is made the way it is, since it has to screw onto the new style shank adapter there isn't enough room. What your post tells me is that if I get a snap on foot that doesn't work well with my new snap on adapter, to buy a screw on snap on adapter from that brand and it should work.> Kari~


#74823 Jul 5, 2011

I'm sorry... I should have looked before I sent my last email. The

snap on adaptor for Viking feet was on the very first site I

opened. Go to the URL then the third and fourth items down are the

adaptors for the Bernina. The third one is for the old style

attachment and the fourth is for the new style attachment.

The picture makes it look like the attachment is all plastic. It is

not, however, the ankle is plastic. It is very much like the Viking

ankle's plastic. Seems to be made of good stuff.

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- also have the Bernina snap on adaptor and it does not fit the

Viking feet. I think it will fit the "Creative Feet" as I was told

to buy one of these by a lady demonstrating the "Creative Feet" at

one of the sewing expo's.

I have just finished two matching Buggy Barn Crazy Quilts and a bed

skirt... all for a daybed and trundle in my guest room. Now to get

started on three matching pillow covers for the back of the bed and I

will be finished with that project.



#74824 Jul 5, 2011

There is a site that sells a shank for the Bernina that does fit the

Viking feet. I bought one and it has been in constant use ever since.

The bad thing is I don't remember where I bought it. Someone else

here bought one also... I hope they remember the URL. I'll look in

my favorites and see if I can find it..........