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#93727 Oct 17, 2012

Good morning everyone.

Bad news for me, I was using my Bernina 170 QPE last night when the screen started to flicker, then went dead. Oh no! I have had this machine since 1998 and love it. Any ideas what happened? I used another cord from my 640 to see if the cord was bad and it still did not work. I hope it's easy to fix. I can't decide if I should stick money into this one or buy a new one. I was (am) on the fence, as my old computer is old (Windows XP) and that's the one with the software for the 170 on it. I was told I can't put the software on windows 7 so I keep the old computer just for the software. The 170 has not been used since I bought the 640 last year, until last night that is. I was piecing the block from hell, of course. I spent three days on one block. It was a comedy of errors. I finally decided to finish this block last night with the 170 and it ended in the 170 going kaput. The good news is the block is finished. Oh, the memories that get sewn into a quilt top!

Any advice is appreciated.



#93728 Oct 17, 2012

Sorry to hear this. The same thing happened on my 165E and it would up being the s-print board. I did get it replaced and now the machine works like new!


#93729 Oct 17, 2012

I think you just have to bring it in and see what is wrong and see how much

it will cost to fix it.

I don't understand about the software not being up

dateable. and what that has to do with this sewing machine. Is it that

updated software will not work with the 170?

If so this brings to mind a lot of questions.

Nancy in NY


#93743 Oct 17, 2012

OH NO! is right! I have the 170 QPE 2000 too. When I got it serviced a couple weeks ago, my technician said there was an "old" feed dog update that it didn't have. BERNINA is not charging me for newer feed dog update. My technician got the part in and he will replace the feed dog tomorrow.

I LOVE this BERNINA. I hope it has a long life as I don't see a newer model BERNINA replacement for it.

I too would be very interested to know what the problem is and how much it cost to fix it.




#93754 Oct 17, 2012

Sorry to hear that... I have the 165, so will be interested to hear what the problem is and the cost to repair.

I would have to weigh cost of repair vs. cost of equivalent machine to replace it. Expect that repair will give you a familiar back-up machine for less cost than buying a replacement machine.

What version software are you talking about? My best friend has V3 and she has kept older computer for that reason. She also has an 170.

Good luck,

Diane in MD


#93760 Oct 17, 2012

I have one doing that also, from what I have read in the Past it is a

computer board. and they cost a lot.. I pray this is not the case

as I am having the same issue on one of my !70


Linda Watts


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#93770 Oct 17, 2012

At this point in time, you could still download and use the free ArtLink

6 program to send designs to your 170. Might be worthwhile downloading

it now and just saving the file just in case the program changes at all

before you ended up actually needing it.


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