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#74499 Jun 20, 2011

I have a friend who wants to go to classes/workshops on embroidery and needs

to be able to write to machine from the computer to the 180. She hasn't done

this before. What does she need to have? I think that she needs activsync

from bernina or microsoft. I looked at microsoft and was oberwhelmed at the

different activsync available. Please help--I asksed one of the bernina

groups last week for the correct activ sync and got no answer I thinks she

has v5 software--but give me the answer if she has v5 or v6.

Thanks so much

pat hammeke


#74506 Jun 20, 2011

Sorry Pat, I thought I'd replied to your first query about this.

Your friend's software program should have included the necessary Active

Sync file or she should have received a CD with her 180, probably titled

something about ADX that would have had it as well.

The software version won't matter as much as her computer operating

system. Vista and Windows 7 no longer use Active Sync and instead use

Windows Mobile Device Center. You can Google that to find the correct

version for her computer if that's the case; there's one for 32 bit and

another for 64 bit computers.

I'd try it using her existing software before downloading anything else.

There's also some info regarding some of the potential problems (such as

the ports) available on the Bernina Software Support site. Here are just

a couple of links:

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- sync/related/1>

h**p:// sync/session/L3RpbWUvMTMwODU5MDMwMi9zaWQvVHFDVTFfd2s=>

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- sync/session/L3RpbWUvMTMwODU5MDMwMi9zaWQvVHFDVTFfd2s=>

This link above also provides a download link for Active Sync 3.8 which

was a version known to work with the 200/730 models and might be the

place to start for your friend if her existing software installation

doesn't already work.


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#74508 Jun 20, 2011

I have a 180 and use the V6 software and have no problem. I just use the cord that came with my machine, I did get a converter that converts the cord from serial to USB. When I am using my software I choose "Write to Machine" then I choose I believe it is the last options which includes the 180.

I was very hesitate when I bought my used 180 in February. So far I have been able to do everything that I have tried and having a lot of fun.

Kathy in MO


#74509 Jun 20, 2011

I have a docking station my laptop is placed in. It has a 9 pin opening for the original cord that came with the machine.. Trish


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#74516 Jun 21, 2011

I'm preparing to sell my 180E..which I haven't looked at in a few years.

The only way I can write to this machine is with a design card. (I have a Reader/Writer box.)

Was there an upgrade so a cord could be attached from the computer to the 180?



#74519 Jun 21, 2011

The 180 was sold with a cord to connect the machine directly to the

computer. It's a standard computer cable (9 pin serial port) that can

still be purchased and usually a USB/Serial Port Adapter is also needed

for today's computers.

I'm not sure if the earliest 180 models came with this or not, but know

the later ones did, in addition they also included CPS which allowed the

user to transfer different stitches into their machines and offered 200

additional embroidery designs.


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#74521 Jun 21, 2011

Hi Alice, the 180 came with a 9 pin cord that plugged into the right side of the machine. It then connected to the computer. Since then computers do not have the 9 pin connection. There is a USB cord that is USB on one end and the other end has the 9 pin connection. I use the 180 just for sewing. I think I did connect it to the computer about a year ago and was still able to send designs to the machine. Trish



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