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#57650 Mar 18, 2010

Now that I finally have my machine, I'm afraid I'm going to be asking a lot of "set-up" questions! My first is about the height of the machine. I am using a secretary's desk as my sewing table so I have surfaces at 2 heights - the writing surface (29.5") and the return where the typewriter used to be (25.5"). I can also raise the return by an inch or two and I use a height-adjustable chair. I assume the "right" height has something to do with my (short) stature, but are there guidelines as there are for sitting at a computer? I checked the height of the Bernina cabinet and it has the bed at 29.75" when the machine is dropped into the well. I thought I'd ask for opinions before I get too far along with the set-up.

My second question is about those adorable accessory boxes that came with the machine: do you use them? It seems I'll outgrow them quickly if I get all the feet I've been drooling over in the Feetures books I got! Should I keep them or start filling those cute little stacking drawer units I got from (I know I could start out with the boxes and then switch when I need to, but I hate the thought of having to reorganize when I could be sewing!)

Thanks for your suggestions!



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Those adorable boxes have been dubbed "Barbie Boxes" to most of the sewing world. I am using mine, but only till I get to a Cabellas to find a nice sized tackle box for all the stuff that is in them. For me, once the stabilizer bars on the bottom back are pulled out, they take up too much room and I have very little of it.

reeter> My second question is about those adorable accessory boxes


#57654 Mar 18, 2010

I only use mine (that came with the 730E) when I go to classes. I have a drawer with a plastic box that has movable dividers, and I keep all my feet in there. I found the box at WallyWorld in the fising bait/tackle dept.

Mine looks like the box on the bottom, at this link:

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- have the same setup in another drawer for all my types & sizes of SM needles.

Doris W. in TN> My second question is about those adorable accessory boxes that came with the machine: do you use them?


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The cute little accessory box can be more of a hindrance than a help. I still use mine because I go to a lot of classes and it is easier to carry all the bits in with the machine. If I was not going to classes I would look for something else to store accessories. It is very unstable and easy to knock off a table, even with the feet extended. Almost everyone I know has had a door break off. I have bought a lot of extra feet and I bought extra foot holders for the box and removed the bobbin holders to allow me to get more feet in. The extra holders are very cheap. I have a 630 and the box can hold up to 25 feet for that if you buy the extra holders and remove the bobbin holders. You can also buy extra boxes if your collection of feet gets too big.



#57662 Mar 18, 2010

I only use my Barbie Boxes when I have to take one of my machines somewhere.

I have some plastic 6-drawer plastic cabinets (about 30" tall), and 2 ice

plastic ice cube trays fit beautifully in each drawer, and all of the feet

that I have fit beautifully in the cube areas.


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#57669 Mar 18, 2010

Start with your feet flat on the ground. Sit in a chair that keeps your feet on the ground, maybe with your thighs *slightly* leaning downward.

Sit up straight and comfortable. Bend your elbows so that your lower arms are tilted *slghtly* downwards. Let your hands sag a little, keeping your wrists straight.

Where your fingertips are is approximately where you want your fingertips to touch your work surface. It's probably best if that is the height of the works surface of your sewing machine.

If you are really short, you may have to start with a higher chair and a footrest. Not perfect, but doable.

The objective is to have a work surface that your back, shoulders and arms can be relaxed at, and with your feet on the ground.



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I guess I'm weird, but I love the little Barbie boxes. I have a shelf to the right of my machine and i have 4 lined up. They hold all my feet in numerical order. I have an extra box that I take to classes that hold the necessary feet for the project. I had the plastic boxes in my drawer and would forget to get the right foot. Once I put them out in view, I remember to use the appropriate foot. My Feetures book stays right under them and I reference it when in doubt. Since you have them, try using them. BTW, I put that felt down on the shelf so they don't move. Hilary in Central Tex


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I take the doors off and put the cases in the drawers on my sewing machine cabinet.. Nice to have the feet lined up.. I do use another bobbin holder though.. The bobbins don't pop out "up.". LOL


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#57675 Mar 18, 2010

You can buy extra holders for the feet and for the bobbins which makes the "Barbie box" more useful. I have my boxes sitting inside a small CD shelf (with adjustable shelves) near my sewing machine but out of my way.

Bonnie >

> My second question is about those adorable accessory boxes that came with the machine: do you use them?


#57687 Mar 19, 2010


I like the barbie box too...I keep it on an old library table that sits to the right of my sewing cabinet...I just keep the feet I use more often in it....and some of the most often used bobbins and the cleaning tools....I do like it because it is really handy...things I don't use often I keep in the drawers...Linda


#57691 Mar 19, 2010

I like this idea, Eileen! Maybe we could get Boris to work on that

bobbin issue! Can't you just see them pop up into your hand? Rocket

bobbin launchers! :-)


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#57692 Mar 19, 2010

What a funny visual. -- like shooting trap!


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