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#29886 Jul 15, 2008

I read somewhere that overheating can be a problem with these machines, and the stitching in place happens when it is too hot. I have no idea if that is right or just one of those internet board rumors that get started and then live on forever. But after mine did the stitch in place, I began turning on a small fan [aimed at the right side of the machine] when it is stitching. I haven't had any more problems with it stitching in place--knock on wood!!! Be warned, though, do be sure to use the mesh spool sock because the air flow from the fan plays havoc with feeding the thread off the spool.



#29888 Jul 15, 2008

A lot of people think that because the machines become warm during

use. That is part of the design of the machines. According to my tech

there are 4 sensors located at the bottom of the machine's bridge.

These sensors give off heat. They each control certain activities of

the machine and work more or less independantly of each other. To keep

the machine from overheating, they are protected by and surrounded by

the machine's cast metal frame. The frame distributes the heat

throughout the machine to keep the machine from becomming too hot. In

so doing, the machine itself will become warm but it will not

overheat. According to him, the overheating problem is only a rumor

and has no basis in fact. However, keep in mind that if you lift your

machine by putting your hand under the throat, you are putting pressure

on the area where the sensors are located and pushing the frame of the

machine upward. They should be protected but at the same time it isn't

just a great idea to make of habit of this.

--- In, Jeanette Roberts