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#34126 Oct 5, 2008

I would like first to introduce myself. I am the mother of 4

children--ages 3-9. I recently inherited a 200E from my mother when

she passed away from pancreatic cancer. I am by no means worthy of

this machine, but I hope to some day be, and I am trying to carry on

her legacy by making things for my family.

I have some questions that I can not resolve...I would appreciate any

help you could offer.

1. Does the machine sew anything except the art files? If not is

there a software out there (besides bernina's) that can edit and

convert files?

2. I won the basic explorations software, and it assigns grades to my

designs. Many of the ones downloaded from the internet do not receive

hi grades. What does this mean?

3. The memory on my machine is at 33% capacity. This is enough to

prevent it from reading designs off of my cd reader. I can not for

the life of me figure out how to delete designs from the machine's


I look forward to knowing and learning from this group.




#34146 Oct 6, 2008

Hi Dana and welcome to the group. Im sorry about your mother.I have the 200E and you will become worthy and hopefully enjoying carrying onher legacy with a wonderful hobby of creativity. Ill try and answer yourquestions. First, it may be a good idea to have your machine updated,serviced, etc at the dealer where the machine was purchased (if possible.Especially if the machine has not been serviced in the last year. If you do notlive close to the dealer try and locate a Bernina Dealer close to your home. Mostdealers are more than happy to answer questions about your machine, offerclasses and support. Some dealers have sewing, quilting, etc. clubs that youcan join and the experiences and friends you make are wonderful. Most dealers willcharge a fee for their classes especially if you did not purchase the machinefrom them. Now to answer your questions. 1.Yes the machine will embroidery .exp format designs and .artformat designs. Depending on the age of your 200E and whether it has beenupdated or not it may or may not read .art 4 format. If it is an earlier modeland not updated you will need .art 3 format or lower. 2. I do not know about exploration software, but the BerninaArtista Designer software only gives a high grade (grade A) if the designs werecreated with Bernina Artista Software. Lower grade designs will stitch out justfine if you do not resize them. The thread colors may not be exact but you canchange the thread colors in the machine. Always test the design on a scrappiece of fabric if it is a lower grade just to be sure. The rule of thumb is toalways test stitch every designs first but I never follow the rules. I can usuallylook closely at a designs in my software and tell if it will stitch out ok ornot. But I would not recommend this. 3. 33% free memory should be enough to read the CD reader.I always had trouble with my CD reader. I had to turn the machine on and offseveral time before it would recognize the reader. (it will recognize .exp &.art on the cd) Bernina stopped making the reader. If you have yourmachine updated it will read a USB stick and this is a very reliable transfer.I do not use my reader now that I have the USB stick capability. You should alsohave some type of software that came with the machine to transfer the designsdirectly from your computer to the machine. If it is an older purchased machineyou may only have Artlink but this will enable design transfers in .art format.

Good luck and Happy Sewing. Betty[] On Behalf Of Dana Leach

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