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#24115 Mar 26, 2008

Hi Alice,

The 200 will read a USB stick after the update to be like the 730.

There are 2 parts to this update, one enables the USB stick(which means

that you will no longer be able to use the cd reader on your machine,

the icon changes to USB instead of CD) and the other part of the update

installs the BSR software. Talk to your tech.



#24121 Mar 26, 2008

Gotta butt in here with a slight correction. If you upgraded the 200 to

enable it to read a USB stick, you can still use the Bernina Mini CD reader.

Altho the icon has changed from a cd to a USB stick icon, this is the icon

to touch when using the cd reader. I've upgraded my 200 to the 730 and can

still use the Bernina Mini CD reader. Best of both worlds in my opinion!


Sue in Belton, Texas

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#24127 Mar 26, 2008

The CD will work as it always has. Just click on the usb stick and plug in the cd.



#24135 Mar 27, 2008

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#24188 Mar 28, 2008

I have had some problems with the mini cd player, sometimes it is very hard for it to read a cd. I know Bernina doesn't sell them anymore, does anyone have any knowledge of where I could get one to work on my 200?


Carol Horne


#24195 Mar 28, 2008

The early Cd readers were defective. There was a recall in the US on

these readers, but it was more or less a silent recall. If the

customer brought one in it was replaced, if they didn't, it was

assumed that their player was working.

These are not made anymore and you really cannot get one to replace

yours easily. However, Bernina FINALLY releasd an unencryption

program where you can read (download) your 200 encrypted CD's into

your computer. If you will go to, then "Help",

you will come to a page where you can ask questions. One of the

selections is "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ). Make that

selection. If you will then search on the term "unencryption", you

will find all the information and the download that will allow you to

download the program to your computer. It is quick to use and I've

used it to open and download many of the early multiformat disks too.

Also, once you've had the USB update on your 200, the crazy CD drive

runs all the time (drive me crazy).

--- In, "Carol Horne"