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#50947 Sep 21, 2009

Today I finally made it back into my sewing room after weeks of no sewing

due to issues with my neck. I proceeded to embroider out a design that came

out nicely. Then I shut the machine off, disconnected my embroidery unit

and set the machine for regular sewing. No light came on and it kept

telling me to lower the presser foot even though it was lowered. I powered

on and off several times but no luck. The whole needle head assembly will

move from right to left which seems weird too. Usually when my machine

boots up you can hear the machine reset itself just before it is ready to

sew, well she won't do that and if I click on the warning symbol with the

presser foot error message it shows some sort of error so I guess I have to

pack her up and take her in to the repairman. It is a mystery to me how it

would sew out an embroidery design just fine and then have a problem. I

always keep it unplugged when I am not using it so I don't think it was a

power surge. This is the first time I have had trouble with this machine,

hopefully it is fixable. Has anyone else ever had something like this


Lexie in CT


#50956 Sep 21, 2009

Before you take her in, you might go back & put the embroidery module back

on & turn it on & then back out again. Occasionally computers (that is how

these machines work) need to re-establish their memory paths or reset for

some reason. Doesn't always work, but I had a tech tell me that over the

phone one very stormy day when it was out of the question to take the

machine in & it worked.Connie


#51067 Sep 25, 2009

Sometimes it helps to make sure the needle is in its highest position before

turning the machine on. I don't know what it has to do with it, but was told

this by a tech once and it has "saved" my sanity a couple of times.