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#83850 Jan 26, 2012

I have a 350PE, which I love. I'm trying to get perfect scant quarter inch seams. For anyone who pieces with this same machine, what do you find easiest way?

I'm not feeling the love for my 57 or my 37 foot. I'm finding that the guide on the 57 rides on the feed dog just like on the 730. That doesn't bother me, but it means the fabric isn't all the way on the feed dogs, either.

If you use the regular zig zag foot and move the needle to the right, are you moving it one or two over, and then where do you place your fabric?

I moved mine to the right 2 notches, and then placed a post it where I thought it should go, based on using an index card. The needle was punching just right to the inside of the line.

My fabric seemed to be peeking out just a very tad from under the presser foot.




#83861 Jan 27, 2012

I hear you Mary. I ordered the 34 clear foot in early January. When I went in to pick up the foot, the dealer and I were talking about piecing with a 1/4 inch seam. She mentioned to me that their is a small mark in the metal throat plate right in the front. That is what she uses to mark her 1/4 inch. I had never noticed it but it has been working great for me! I just line my fabric up with that mark barely to the right of it. My latest project has multiple piecing and everything is fitting together so nicely. I would guess your throat plate would have that mark also.



#83863 Jan 27, 2012

I put a fine black line from the 1/4 inch mark on the throat plate all the way to the front edge of the slide on table. Some times the #34 works better for me - especially if I'm needing the needle to go down precisely in an "X" situation. Polly


#83864 Jan 27, 2012

Try a screw-down seam guide. Very inexpensive. Works with the #37, 8,13, probably others.

For a 1/4", I love the 37 or 57 on my 5.5mm Berninas, on my 9mm machine, I use the 1 or 34 with the needle moved right. HTH

Maia in IL


#83870 Jan 27, 2012

I have seen the little tiny quarter inch guide, and there is another on the sliding table. Good to know that a scant is just on the other side of that little mark. That's where I have my post it guide. And I will have to dig out my metal seam guide - good idea.

I do have the 34 foot. Leah Day of quilting fame recommends a clear foot to be able to see the fabric underneath.

Thanks, Mary


#83893 Jan 27, 2012

I use the #37 foot on my 350PE and get great results. The edge of the fabric is not right at the edge of the #37foot, but more like one thread inside the foot edge. I learned this ages ago on my old 1130 with the 5.5mm feet dogs.

As someone else posted already, there is a short line on the throat plate, in front of the feed dogs, that is the 1/4" seam guide. A fine black Sharpie pen can darken that short line.

Another visual guide I often use is that groove that runs right down the middle of the right-side feed dog. It's basically 1/4" from the needle, too.

Another trick to try is a piece of the blue painter's tape. Stick some down on the machine bed itself, in front of the throat plate.

Doris W. in TN


#83915 Jan 28, 2012

Mary - I also have the 350 and have been trying to use the one piece #57 foot. This foot works great on my 440 but not as well on my 350. It feels like my fabric is not being "pulled" along the feed dogs as strong as it does on my 440. Several times I have had my 350 stop pulling the fabric and sew a few stitches in place. It is NOT when I am at a thick junction of seams but more so when I am in the middle of a run. I have to tug on my fabric from the back to get it moving again. I have never had this happen with my 440. I can't figure it out. Maybe together we can figure out the best options.

I have set up the 350 as my "main" machine right now to try and figure out these quirks and give it a good test. I had some issues with my top thread breaking but think that is over. I lightly sanded what may have been a slight burr in the bobbin area and switched to another spool of thread (same brand/type just another spool). I now have had no thread breaks in a full week of sewing.

I do like this machine. It is very quiet and the lighting is wonderful. However, I very much want to figure out any of these small issues


#83917 Jan 28, 2012

I have the 330 and both the 37 and 57 work great. Is there a big difference between the two models?



#83929 Jan 28, 2012

I don't think there is any difference in the feeding/needle area. They should be the same there. Do you use the one piece 37/57 or something else with the clip on feet?


#83949 Jan 29, 2012

The one piece 37 came with my 730 machine, and I purchased the one piece 57 foot. I'm going to try the clear 34 foot next.

I don't have any problems like you mentioned where the fabric is dragging.

I am thinking that putting the needle to the right one or two clicks might be best, as the fabric will ride on both dogs for sure that way. Maybe I should just purchase that Q tool set that measures the scant quarter inch, and it has the guide too. Post its are okay but they do come off easily