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#63872 Jul 11, 2010

Kari mentioned that the 300 series is going to be launched at the BU in the US. I have had a 380 for 2 months now as a back up for my 730 and to use when the 730 is busy doing embroidery. I have been putting the 380 through it's paces and I m very happy with it. I have made several garments, pieced 2 quilt tops, done a few repair jobs as well so I think apart from trying free motion quilting I have tried it out nicely and I will highly recommend it as a second machine or indeed as a first machine. I use mostly French seams when making garments and it sews through those when hemming with no problems whatsoever. The only thing I would have liked which is missing is to be able to set the foot pressure. I love that on the 730. The 380 is replacing a Bernina 900 Nova.

I have no Bernina connections, a great dealer however albeit very far away.Just thought I would give you review.



#63885 Jul 11, 2010

Thanks so much for the personal insight! That's the best recommendation

in the world. I guess the dealers who took the hands-on class on these

new models made purses and were also extremely pleased with everything

about the machines.

One thing I haven't seem mentioned yet, that I forgot also, is that the

3 Series will have the same pricing scheme as the 8 Series has...the

UMRP which stands for Unilateral Minimum Retail Price.

I'm going to put together another e-mail with specific details on each

of the models in just a bit.


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