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#74935 Jul 10, 2011

I have 200/730 & V6 & use Art 4 or 5

Subject: [430_440_630_640_730] Which art for 730


Date: Sunday, July 10, 2011, 10:04 AM


Does the Artista 730 read ART 2, ART 3, ART 4, and ART 5? What are the differences? If someone has choice to buy ART 3 OR ART 4, which should they buy? Thanks for helping


#74940 Jul 10, 2011

I am looking at designs and I am confused. I see ART as a choice on many

designs. I have a 730 and I am not sure if I can use them. Does this mean I

can only use the OESD and Bernina designs? Thanks Peggy


#74953 Jul 11, 2011


Are you new to embroidering with Bernina machines?

If so, then perhaps I should comment about my beginner experience. It took me a long time to realise that I did not need to limit myself to buying just ART format (there are any number of good designers that do not convert there work to ART format).

Obviously, in terms of manipulating designs, then purchasing in native ART format is the best option, and the version you purchase will depend, as others have indicated, as to what embroidery program you have access to e.g. the Bernina program - be it the latest V6 or earlier V5 or V4, or Generations, or the free Artlink - these will convert other formats, like PES, to ART and or EXP, which Bernina machines will read. There are other embroidery programs, like Embird, which will read ART but will not convert other formats to ART.

Just a word to the wise - if you do buy EXP format, then do not stitch out by the weird colour combos that the design opens up in. It is critical that you work from the colour chart to pull together your thread colours. Otherwise you could end up with a blue tiger or red tree VBG.





#74957 Jul 11, 2011

Thank you Lucy. Yes, I am new to embroidery. I have sewn and quilted for

many years but have never done any embroidery to speak of, only a little of

what was in the machine. The last machine I had before I bought the Bernina

was the Brother. I went too a class and bought embroidery CDs (PES), but

never had time to use them. This year I bought the Bernia 730 and I thought

I might enjoy learning to embroidery. Some of the designs are beautiful.

Did you mean that I could put the designs that I have in PES in the ARTLINK

program and they will be converted to ART? I would love that. They are so

pretty. I just want to learn to use and enjoy this Bernina. Thanks so much for

your help. Peggy


#74958 Jul 11, 2011

As long as you have ArtLink V6.0D you'll be able to open up just about

any other format and then send it to your machine directly or to the USB

stick using the Write to Machine function of the software.


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