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#67205 Oct 1, 2010

I understand that the 400 machines are now being manufactured in

Thailand - where are the 600 series being manufactured???




#67275 Oct 1, 2010

We recently toured the Bernina factory in Steckborn, Switzerland. According to our guide, the 820 and 830 are all made at that factory. The Artista line have "final assembly" in Steckborn - which means parts are manufactured in Thailand and shipped to Steckborn for the 600 series.

Also according to our guide, there is significant oversight from Swiss Bernina employees at the Thai factory to ensure that the manufacturing is up to Bernina standards.

By the way, the tour was fantastic. I'll share more about it once I get life back together after our 3-week trip!

Marsha G.

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#67276 Oct 1, 2010

I am disapointed to hear this. Is the last great European sewing machine is going to be a thing a of the past? When factories move to Asia, quality always goes downhill. I don't think they'll be able to command the same premium for an asian-built machine.

Just my 2 cents


#67302 Oct 2, 2010

I, for one, am totally looking forward to hearing all about your tour,

Marsha! How exciting!

As to the Thai factory, that is exactly what we've been told at various

trainings and events over the years. I've seen videos of the factory and

aside from noting that many of the employees are Thai, it could just as

well be in Switzerland.

Thinking that the quality is going to go downhill strictly because of

where they've chosen to base a second factory is short-sighted. This is

a Bernina factory based in Thailand. They are not outsourcing their

manufacturing; they are still in complete control. And lest anyone think

this is a new development, it isn't. They've had a factory in Thailand

for MANY years, in fact at least 10 years.


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