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#5206 May 18, 2007

Sorry to cause so much confusion when I posted yesterday (New On

Board) and mentioned the instructional material that came along with

my 430. I wrongly referred to it as a DVD, but of course it is a CD-

ROM that I play on my computer. I find it very helpful. I thought

I'd start a new thread to explain what I was talking about since

there was some interest, and it seems many of us don't have easy

access to our dealer for one reason or another.

The CD-ROM is entitled "Instructional Presentation CD-ROM" for the

Bernina Aurora 430/440QE. The various sections are:

OVERVIEW: interactive picture explaining each of the parts of the


SEWING: Includes: Set Up - video with great close ups of how to set

up the machine (threading, winding the bobbin etc. even a great close

up of using that needle threader). Garment Sewing, Home Dec.,Craft

Sewing, and Quilting. The quilting section has an introductory movie,

manuals, & a step by step project. I haven't had a chance to watch

the others, yet.

EMBROIDERY: haven't looked at this, yet

ACCESSORIES: videos on using various feet and accessories

INFORMATION: Includes: Video Gallery, Maintenance Video,

Instructional Manual (PDF), Project Instructions and Web links.


I haven't taken the classes (for reasons I won't go into here), but I

imagine that much of this is covered in class. However, I think this

is a valuable resource to have at home to use as a refresher. There

is so much to learn that I'm sure one can't absorb it all in a few

classes. The videos are very professional and have great close ups,

so you can really see what's going on.

I hope this is helpful. Again, I apologize for any confusion


#5207 May 18, 2007

No need to apologize to me. I wasn't confused. What I have come to

believe is that not all Bernina dealers where given this CD-ROM to

give to their customers. The dealer I go to is GREAT.

I was just curious on what is on the CD seeing that friends of mine

on other states were given it when they bought their machines.

Thanks for posting what is actually on the CD.

Have a great day. Back outside to start mowing now that I planted 6

rows of sweet corn. The weather has warmed up a little after a hard

frost this morning.

Ellen B

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