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#82335 Dec 29 5:14 AM

Help!! I don't know what I can possibly do next to get my embroidery up and running again.

While successfully running my 430 with v4 of the Bernina embroidery software, in the middle of a (long) stitch out - my embroidery unit suddenly quit working....2 years ago! I've been trying to get it to work ever since. I have had limited time to work on this. It was in the shop for several months after which they said both machine and emb. unit were working fine - they could attach it to other machines to get it to work. That means my computer must be the problem right? So I reloaded ALL the software and drivers and stepped through the procedure very carefully. My dongle and V4 software work just fine. My computer knows that I have the 430 plugged into it. I have shut down all the firewalls. When the EC on PC starts up, it initially shows a black line from the computer to the sewing machine, the sewing machine display changes to the 26 with the embroidery design, and then NOTHING!! No diagnostic info on EConPC, just a faint dull pink from the computer to the sewing machine. The sewing machine display flashes from foot 5 to 4, back to 26 - I don't know if that's a clue or not. I want to weep. I have tried and tried and tried. Has anyone else successfully solved a problem such as this? What is going wrong, any ideas?

Thanks so much - I'm grateful for any suggestions


#82377 Dec 29 9:03 PM

But did they attach it to YOUR machine and confirm that it was working?

Hopefully, they did. Have you tried different USB ports on your computer?

It sounds as if the black line switches to a red line, which would mean

the connection is suspect. The fact the sewing machine is switching

between presser foot suggestion is troublesome and sounds like something

only a technician could fix. As sorry as I am to say it, I think it

needs a revisit to the dealer. This sort of thing isn't anything you're

controlling or doing wrong, imo.


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#82467 Dec 31 5:35 AM

I totally agree. I have another thought resulting from an issue that presented today while embroidering. My laptop goes to sleep more quickly than it takes to complete an embroidery design stitchout. ( I will be resetting it.) Today as I was working on a design, the computer went to sleep and when I woke it up I had the red line icon on the screen. I had a hard time getting it to turn black. Finally I wrote down the stitch number and disconnected the usb cord from the sewing machine, reconnected it and it worked. Once again I highly recommend that Bernina develop a relationship with a computer company to have a computer built specifically to work with our sewing machines and software. While I don't mind an occasional challenge in my life to keep the gray matter working when I want to sew/embroider I don't want to waste time on troubleshooting a computer.

Debra in Virginia> the connection is suspect


#82469 Dec 31 5:53 AM

I can understand your problem, however I would assume that to develop a

computer such as you such as you suggest would be prohibitively expensive


If my laptop goes to sleep during a design, all I need to do is to wiggle

the mouse and everything is back so there might be a problem with the way

your computer works. Because you have this problem, on way that might help

is to be aware and come back occasionally and even if you just click on the

Software program and then back to EConPC that would be enough to keep

things ticking over. Another reason why I most of my embroidering is now

being completed on my 830- grin

Hope this helps


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#82471 Dec 31 6:19 AM

Hi Chrisb

I knew there was a reason that I need an 830! I really would like a dedicated embroidery machine. I am also considering a stand alone 10 needle Brother PR1000. I am waiting to see what CJ decides on the subject since she really researches her purchased.

Debra in Virginia


#82486 Dec 31 4:11 PM

Actually, there's nothing wrong with today's laptop/notebook computers when it comes to working with the Auroras. I'd lay a lot of these issues directly on Bernina's doorstop. Let's face it, EConPC is not particularly well designed. It should be possible for EConPC to "turn off" any sleep mode while it is stitching a design. In addition, the user interface presented by EConPC is poorly done. It seems that Bernina's software folks came up with the "one true way (sequence)" to embroider using your computer. However, there are many different reasonable sequences that should also work. And, it's not difficult to design the software to check that all necessary conditions are met before starting an embroidery rather than check that a particular sequence is followed. And, then, there's a matter of error messages - or lack thereof. Example: You've got to drop the feed dogs before you embroider. The software tests for this condition, and will not proceed with stitching if you haven't dropped them. But, forget to drop them, and there's no error message that tells you what the problem is. The Aurora simply sits there and looks stupid.

But, now that Bernina's moved away from using your own computer to embroider in favor of either "sewing only" or "sewing with built-in smarts" machines, I doubt that we'll see any improvements.

Now, if only they recognized that Apple also makes computers that are suitable for use with digitizing and editing.......

Jerry Jankura

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#82489 Dec 31 5:34 PM

Hi Debra,

Do you know how to set your computer so that it doesn't go to sleep so

quickly? If you don't, please tell me what version of Windows you're

running and I'll tell you how to change that setting.

If you're using Windows 7, go to Control Panel, click Power Options, and

then click Change Plan Settings. You can set the length of time it waits

until it goes to sleep, both for plugged in and battery. Make sure to save




#82492 Dec 31 5:54 PM

When the auroras were first released Bernina did offer dealers a

computer that could be used with the auroras all set up and ready to go.

Unfortunately I don't think it was that successful.


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#82516 Jan 1, 2012




#82534 Jan 1, 2012


Can you tell me how to change the sleep setting on Windows XP?




#82548 Jan 1, 2012

Actually Jerry - the 440 gives a video clip showing what should have been

done whilst it sits and looks at you - grin


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#82549 Jan 1, 2012

Hi Jennifer,

To turn off standby in Windows XP, do the following:

Click Start > Control Panel > Power Options (if Power Options is not there, click System & Maintenance, then click Power Options)

On the Power Schemes tab, make sure Home/Office Desk is selected in the Power Schemes drop-down box

Change "Turn Off Hard Disks" to Never

In the box labeled System Standby, select Never

Click OK to save your changes

Hope this helps. (I haven't used XP in a while, but I think this will work.)



#82585 Jan 1, 2012


Did you figure out what the problem was? I had a similar thing happen to me...have you talked to Bernina support?



#82778 Jan 5, 2012

One thing I learned over 5 years ago, you can not run EC on PC with your wireless ON on your computer. It will freeze up


#82791 Jan 5, 2012


I only use wireless for my computers. No freezing here.

Carol in Phoenix

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#82804 Jan 6, 2012

I also use wireless on my laptop when I use EC on PC with my Aurora 440

with no problems.



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#82857 Jan 7, 2012

Me too! In fact, as I type this I'm embroidering a luggage tag.


Sandy Yarbrough

aka Momyar