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#66236 Sep 9, 2010


I want to thank you for the video link. I had book marked The Quilt Show before but forgot about it. It's another good resource for us newbies to look at now and then. Your first link to show 503 really helped. It did not show the Pattern Begin Button being used, or even discussed, but it did show how I can hit a different stitch and then go back to the stitch I need to force the machine to start from the beginning of the stitch!

I just finished an applique and kept altering the length to catch the inner and outer corners. I also tried using the blanket for the longer lines and then a zig-zag for the corners. When turning it seemed to often go in the wrong direction!

For me, a hand sewn hem on a garment is faster, always turns out beautiful and is a relaxing and rewarding way to finish off my garment so I I don't use the blind stitch to hem. But this application is one I am now eager to try on my next applique. Thanks!

Sandi in MT> hth, Cindy


#66244 Sep 9, 2010

The do mention using Pattern Begin, it's right before they flash the

"Altered Stitch Memory! A Bernina Exclusive!" slide on the screen. Nina

says, "but sometimes when I get to a point and the pattern is not ready

to jump into the fabric, I can make that happen on some machines by

selecting Pattern Begin; that's the best way to do it."


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