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#1876 Jan 29, 2007

There is a very complete descriptive post on the newest firmware

revision to 2.0 available on 430/440 that alter the function of some

buttons and needle down and a number of other things. It appears to

be very recent and is being done at same time as BSR by some dealers. Jan


#1879 Jan 29, 2007


Where is the post on the revision for 430/440. I have looked in the obvious

places and have not found it. Thanks. Sounds interesting.

Nancy L. Johnson


Alvord, Tx


#1882 Jan 29, 2007

Nancy, it is in the BSR user group. I will see if I can do a copy

paste between groups but doubt it will let me. If I can find a way

to copy the post here I will shortly otherwise join the BSR group. I

think that one is an instant join. It is quite detailed in the

changes that come with the updated firmware and may be the reason

some dealers are asking for 440 machines and bsr. I have seen this

several times now on the bsr group. It is so confusing and clear

that dealers either do not all handle company data the same way or

that there is a communication problem between CO and dealers. Jan

--- In, "Nancy L Johnson"


#1883 Jan 29, 2007

I'm not sure this is accepted protocol, but it is a direct copy paste

from Pat L on BSRfunction user group: Jan

"The latest revision updates the aurora 430/440 firmware from Vs.1.14

to Vs.2.00. You need to take in your machine and the BSR, as the BSR

is also updated from Vs.0029 to Vs.0032. The BSR was updated to

correct a problem some owners had with a sequence of short, quick

stitches and an increase in the machine speed. The machine had

several corrections, including corrections to a couple of

buttonholes, the reaction time of some of the buttons (start/stop and

quick reverse), the function of the quick reverse (no longer takes an

extra stitch forward when pressing the quick reverse); correction to

stitch #6 (no extra stitch when turning a corner with the needle

down); changes the CLR button to only clear the last altered stitch;

change to the beeper signal when using the BSR and to BSR mode two

(now stops with needle down as default, and an altered stitch memory

is valid in the BSR modes); some changes to the securing function

when used with a single stitch or memory ; changes in the pattern end

stitch; and correction to stitch #148 (aurora 440QE) to prevent the

intermediate stitch)

This update only became available very recently. I have had mine

updated at my dealers only a couple of weeks ago. Your dealer may

have to call Bernina."


#1885 Jan 29, 2007


Thanks for the so quick information. Much appreciated. I had not joined

the BSR group. I will do so. Thanks. Oh,



#1887 Jan 29, 2007


Sorry, called you Pat. Looked too fast. Thanks so much.



#1888 Jan 29, 2007


Got it. Thanks so very much.



#1939 Jan 30, 2007

That makes sense I found the BSR function much easier to use on the

Bernina 730e than the 440QEE. I have the first version of the BSR

work I did on the 440 and the latest version of it and the second

version looks far better and the stitches are to my mind more even.

I shall have to find out how to get the 440 QEE updated here in



--- In, "Nancy L Johnson"


#1967 Jan 31, 2007

Thanks for posting this information! I am so glad that the reverse stitch will be corrected, I always found that extra stitch to be a frustration at times.

Kay in PA

"The latest revision updates the aurora 430/440 firmware from Vs.1.14to Vs.2.00.You need to take in your machine and the BSR, as the BSRis also updated from Vs.0029 to Vs.0032.