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#34853 Oct 27, 2008

Would you consider a postcard? I've been making and mailing them for a

couple of years. I use Timtex or a similar product and embroider or

applique with the fabric right on top of that. I then add a backing and

bind it, like I do a quilt. You could also zig-zag stitch the edges. I

write on the backside, just like any postcard, put a stamp on them and send

them through the US mail. It's kind of like making mini-quilts.

I've even started putting eyelet grommets (I think that's what they're

called) in one corner of the ones I've sent to my brand new grandchild.

That way they can collect them all on a ring for him and he can look at it

almost like a book. That's one way I hope to be able to connect to my first

grandchild who lives over 2000 miles from me.

I've been doing that for major holidays and people love getting these nice,

little surprises in the mail. They arrive in great shape.

Beth> Cheers Bobbie Qld Australia


#34897 Oct 28, 2008

Timtex would probably work great in the bottom of your bags. I've used the

plastic needlework canvas in the bottom of bags that I've made and that

works great, too.

Beth> Beth


#34949 Oct 29, 2008

I've used this product too, and it's pretty much the same product but

probably not quite as expensive. I'm thinking it's called Peltex, but I

wouldn't swear to that.

One of these products has heat activated adhesive on one side and the other

product has it on both sides. That's nice to use to keep it all together

and until the machine quilting (or whatever stitching you use to hold it

all together), is completed. I have ironed it to my ironing board though,

so you have to remember that.

At JoAnns they keep it with the interfacing. It's white and about 1/8"

thick and stiff. If you can get in to look at the stuff you should be able

to find it.