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#10788 Sep 9, 2007

I hav'nt gotten a chance to that in the mail I was all day with my DD she has Fibromyalgia at 42 shes very ill but I will get to the mail Thanks Again!!!!!! Yeah I always try to do whats best for my machine because it was very expensive and I like to take care of it so I like to use threads that have no lint like mettler too thats all I ever put in my 1630 and the superior are very good tooEvelyn

I totally agree with CJ, Isacord, my favorite andwhat I use. Ewalda


#10789 Sep 9, 2007

Evelyn, Im sorry to hear that your daughter is ill, best wishesto both of you!CJ Subject: [430_440_630_640_730] Re: [430_440_630_640_730 Hi Ewalda


#10792 Sep 9, 2007


I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. Some days my fibro has

a "field day" with my joints.

As they say: Day by Day.


> Evelyn


#10794 Sep 9, 2007

Evelyn, Sorry to hear your daughter is having a difficult time with her fibro. I am trying to

fight off a flair up of mine right now. It is a difficult condition to manage and sometimes

difficult for others to understand. Cheryl--- In


#10824 Sep 10, 2007

Evelyn prayers for your daughter to feel better soon.

Cindy and Cheryl I too struggle with FMS on a daily basis. So I'm

sending gentle hugs to you both with understanding of what you face

daily. Cause it's not only the pain we have to live with it's the

people who have no clue of what it's like


#10847 Sep 10, 2007

My dear mother-in-law has this, too. The hardest part forher, she says, was before she was diagnosed, and people didnt reallythink there was anything wrong with her I think her in-laws diagnosedher as just plumb lazy! Shes anything but lazy shesin pain a good deal of the time. So I, too, understand a little bit of what you are going through I dont have FMS, but I do have rheumatoid arthritis and thebeginnings of osteoporosis. I stay as active as possible, and, likeCindy, take not much for it, although I try to remember mycalcium. I try. In fact, Im purt near sher I took one othem thar tablets just last week. Or was it last month? Best wishes and prayers for all of you. ~ Sarah Lynn ~ From:[] On Behalf Of Julie

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