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#13699 Jul 2, 2005

Hi Arydell! I"m not Jenny..I havne't seen a reply from her unless she

emailed you privately..I think we are all so busy this weekend ...I"m here

now so I'll speak up..

Thanks so much for your imput...we always appreciate imput and help :) We

are aware of the photo size full size versions taking up space. It's been

time for us to go through it again and make an announcement concerning not

leaving up the full size.

So here it is folks....please delete the full size of any picture you upload

to the groups albums. They are useless to the group as only you and the

mods/owner can see the full size and it takes up too much room. If you need

help with this, just email the mods and let us know..but it's pretty

easy..if your photo was big enough to have a full size version..there should

be a link up above it that says full size and then when you click on it,

there will be a link that says 'delete full size'. Also if you want to keep

more pics up as in a small brag gallary we have our other group set up just

for that at: ---Links-Are-Forbidden--- We don't

talk there..but we make announcements here to go check our stuff out over

there sometimes. This is not to say that you can't post here. We mainly set

it up to carry overflow and so that members could have stuff they want to

keep up for a longer period of time.

Thank you Arydell!.. for offereing your help with this..especially since you

are busy yourself with three groups to! I think we can take care of

this one. Last time only an announcement was needed and it all came way

down. So we'll see how it goes this time and I'm sure Jenny's been working

on it as well as she's said she's looking for non-updated albums..or at

least has plans to. I plan to help out a little more with it next week. I'm

so busy this weekend..not even supposed to be on teh computer right now! :-O

jme ;-)

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