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#65911 Sep 24, 2010

I've bitten off a rather large mouthful of a project. I'm making a crystal-enhanced necklace.

The necklace is made up from vine-like connectors, (from TierraCast, the "Melody" line) each is about 3/4 of an inch long. They are hooked to one another with jump rings.

After the connectors are formed in the necklace base, a crystal pendant will be attched, again with the jump ring, to each connector. The lacy/twiggy necklace will be "dripping" with Swarovski pendants and or beads.

Jump rings have me stumped. (With this necklace that is a bad, bad thing! LOL)

I think I want to use "locking" jump rings. I read about them and watched a couple of YouTube videos.

Can you explain the differences, and the pros and cons of...

"Open Jump Rings"?

"Closed Jump Rings"?

"Locking Jump Rings"?

Which would you use on a project like this? I have regular 4mm and 6mm jump rings. I think I need to use 5mm.

Also, when hanging a 9-11mm crystal pendant...can I use a jump ring, or do I need to use the little pendant bails?

What is the pros can cons of bails vs. jumprings?

Thank you for any help, advise, or tips you can share


#65916 Sep 25, 2010

Thanks, Jill and Salla, for the very informative answers. Now I have even more to think about!

Jill, I sent you a private email. I also had a good laugh when you suggested I visit my local bead shop. It's 120 miles, one way, to my local bead shop. Needless to say, I don't get there very often.

However, since I haven't been there since last winter, and since I'd like to go before the weather gets bad (which will be soon) maybe I better plan a road trip!

Again, thanks for the good info