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#45133 Apr 25, 2008

Welcome Melissa and Victoria. We have plenty of helpful, friendly members

who would be glad you assist you in your jewelry endeavors. I'm sure

someone can direct you to a good site for beginning wire work tutorials.

Don't forget to check out, there are many creative tutorials

there too.



Hello to everyone.

As far as introducing myself. My name is Melissa but the beader is actually

my daughter Victoria and we live in Tampa, Florida. She has always been

very creative, drawing, doing counted cross stitch, sewing and she was about

4 or 5, she is now about to turn 8.

A couple of years ago she received a child beading set for her birthday that

contained the neat wooden beads and string for children. At first I didn't

think anything about her talent or what she was doing, just thought she was

being a kid messing around because she was so young but one day she can out

with two necklaces of the wooden beads and they were designed, perfectly

coordinated and symmectrical. I went and checked her room and the box to

see if she had copied a picture or something because I couldn't believe what

I was seeing. A couple months later, I went out and bought some real beads

from a local store and put them in front of her to see what she could do.

Needlesstosay I was speachless. Now she picks out her own materials and has

really taken to making crystal, semi-precious stone and beaded jewelry,

necklaces, bracelets, etc.

It is hard to pick a favorite but I would say the one that I wear the most

of hers is a pearl, crystal and oval white marbel necklace she made.

I am on here because I wanted to learn more about what is out there to help

her expand her mind and abilities. She wants to start learning how to do

the wire designs and techniques. It is crazy to think that the necklaces

and bracelets that I have been buying all these years at craft and jewelry

shows, my own daugther can make without hesitation and at the same quality

as people 3, 4, 5 times or more her senior. I know there are a lot of great

minds out there that can help her along her way and in a way mentor her and

I am hoping this will be a great place to start.

Thank you for your time. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We are

pretty new to the area and if there is anyone in my area that knows of any

groups or places beaders meet up that we can go visit, please let me know.

I sure she would love to meet people that share the same interest and love

for the art.




#45143 Apr 25, 2008

Hello Melissa and Victoria,

Welcome to the group! It is always nice to hear that a mother is

encouraging their daughter in the best possible way :)


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