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#24274 Jan 3, 2007

Hi Lea,

It is very nice to "meet" you.

I lived in Bellerose, Queens from 1966-1971 and in Queens Village from

1971 to 1978, and then got married and moved back to Bellerose Queens

until 1988. I went to Martin Van Buren H.S. I know Queens is large,

so we are probably not from the same area. But I thought it was worth

a shot! LOL

My cousins live on Long Island. But whenever we visit NY, we usually

stay in Manhattan. My friends and I just had a road trip to NYC. We

thought we'd celebrate being 50 or almost being 50! LOL We had a ball.

Do you like living on L.I.? Where I live in Buffalo is very much like L.I.

Marie > Hi Marie,

> Welcome to the group, from one NYer to another. I'm originally from

> Queens, but moved to Long Island when I got married almost 30 years ago.


> ~Lea

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#24279 Jan 3, 2007

Hi Marie,

I grew up in Forest Hills, not too far, LOL. I've lived in Plainview

for about 28 years. If you're familiar with LI at all, it's in Nassau

County, just before the Suffolk border. I had a little giggle at the

comparison between Buffalo & LI...isn't there LOTS of snow in Buffalo?

How about our beautiful beaches? LOL!!! Every time my husband & I talk

about where we would retire one day, I just can't imagine living too

far from a beach.


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