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#65809 Sep 20, 2010

I just found out a friend of mine has pancreatic cancer. She is an older lady. Her husband died a couple of years ago. They had worked hard all their lives milking cows and running a small dairy farm. Don worked away in the mill too. They were going to sell the cows and travel when he retired. Six months after he retired he started going down hill with Alzheimer's. She sold the cows and kept him at home, taking care of him. Then he got to where she couldn't handle him any more. He was a big man. He died shortly after being put in a nursing home. I think he knew the difference. Now she has this. I cried and cried when I found out today. I had kept saying 'I should go over and visit' and never did - and now she is in a facility. Why, WHY do we wait like this? WHY ??????? I just hate myself for waiting


#65834 Sep 21, 2010

My prayers are on the way... So sorry it hear about your friend but they are

doing miraculous things nowadays.

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#65835 Sep 21, 2010

Go see her now . . . You won't regret it and she would appreciate knowing that someone cares


#65872 Sep 22, 2010

I am sorry to hear about your friend. Sometimes bad things happen in

a puddle and leaves us wondering what to do or how to cope.

We will include your friend and you in our prayers. It is easy to tell

you not to feel guilty, but it is not easy for the person to carry out

the request. I have been there. My dad had cancer all over his body. I

felt guilty because I didn't visit him on the last day he was alive, but

he didn't want me or anyone to be with him. He actually told me to stay

home, and then he passed away later that same day.

Take care, and prayers are headed your way.



#65898 Sep 23, 2010

Oh you poor thing,i dont mean to be a misery but it is 98% fatal,my mum died of it 6 years ago and i read and did as much as i could,dont expect miracles,it will be her time,i hope you see her and she is not in pain,regards julia

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