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#20560 Aug 1, 2006

I would like to say sorry to all group members, I feel that it is my fault that the swaps had to > be changed. The last swap became a

mess and confusing and I am sure it is my fault. My partner


It's soooo not your fault. Please. We actually had a few people

who were partnered up with partners, and then they NEVER heard from

their swap partners. Ever. And that's not you. And when the

moderators went to intervene, they didn't respond either. And that

just plain sucks for all parties involved.

We're worried, that as moderators, swaps leave us in a very bad

position when things go wrong. Legally, we know we're not liable.

That's pretty much a given, but when it comes down to it, MIA

swappers make the whole group look very bad. Very bad. And it not

only our online reputation that we're trying to protect. It's the

group's, as a whole.

Now, keep in mind, I'm the ONLY mod who has access to your info.

Sure, if Jme needed some info, i would comply, but i'm not sharing

it with anyone other than mods, at all. However, this is still

leaving a decent amount of our members wary of sending their info to


So, to address the issue of handing over your info, how do you guys

propose we go forward?

Will it be okay if, on occassion you encounter a deceitful swapper?

How important will it be if you encounter a swapper who hasn't

learned as much as you?

Would you prefer to do swaps the old way and just chock MIA swappers

up to the crazy internet?



#20791 Aug 6, 2006

DO you get the FMG catalog...there is one in it...probably rio grande

and others.

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