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#35247 Aug 21, 2007

A week or so ago I posted that I would be going to an

agility championships in October and would be making

bracelets to sell at about $35-$50 (depending on my

cost). I was planning to make them from sodalite,

onyx, pewter and sterling. I've polled some agility

folks around here, and there doesn't seem to be much

interest in this sort of thing.

Somebody else suggested that I use plastic beads and

pony beads to make bracelets that I could sell for

$10-12. This lady also makes jewelry, and she thought

this sort of thing would be a lot more likely to sell

than my gemstone and silver stuff.

Here's a url she passed on for me to order alphabet

beads and pony beads:


What do you all think of this? They look sorta chincy

to me but I'd rather make something that more people

would be interested in. Agility trials are very

casual places, and people may not be so interested in

gemstones LOL...

I also make and sell dog soaps and shampoos so that

will be the bulk of my vendor booth, but I was hoping

to make more $$$.

Thanks for opinions :)

Judy in Northern Calif


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#35304 Aug 21, 2007

LOL I always wondered how chincy was spelled!

I think that the pony beads, etc IS chincy. Although you CAN get the pony beads in glass.

You could make some of the pony bead bracelets; but I would go for a less expensive version of what you originally wanted to do, and *some* of the higher end bracelets.

So, I guess what I'm saying is make them in *three groups*...

good, better, best.. Kind of like "don't put all your eggs into one basket" thinking.

Good luck with your show..



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#35313 Aug 21, 2007

LOL I always wondered how chincy was spelled!

Well, I'm not positive that I spelled it right LOL...but I *was* that

kid in elementary school who always won the spelling bee in

that I'm an old *art, I tend to misspell things sometimes.

OK...I have ordered my stuff. Sodalite in a couple of sizes, some

sterling 2 and 3 mm beads, sterling clasps, some black onyx, pewter

alphabet and number beads. Enough to make 4 or 5 of the "nice"


Also some plastic beads, both faceted and opaque pony beads, with glass

or plastic black/white alphabet and number beads...we'll see if I can

manage to turn them into something decent looking...ack...I forgot to

buy inexpensive clasps for those...wonder if I can quickly add to my

Fire Mountain order...or maybe the bead store in town carries base

metal clasps...

Judy in N. Calif


#35349 Aug 21, 2007

Hi Judy,

I know from doing a small booth at my kids school fair there were lil

girls there that LOVED the pony bead bracelets. You do not have to

charge much for them and if you make them smaller so the small young

ladys feel they get to buy something special too, and if they loose

it moms are not out much money. Just depends on what time and $ you

want to put in to them. Cuz when the kids want to stop and look cuz

they see something that catches their eyes, moms usually stop and

browse too, browsing leads to a purchase... But I do agree with what

the others have said too, do what You want to make and take! I know

the stone bracelets I made sold well too.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Stephanie Kuritz


#35358 Aug 22, 2007

girls there that LOVED the pony bead bracelets. >>

Yeah, I do a crafts fair in early December (people and dog soaps) and

was going to take my necklaces and stuff. I was going to take the

gemstone stuff and also some things made with seed beads for those who

just want to spend $20 or so. I bought a very nice clay bead/seed bead

necklace there a couple of years ago - $5 for the matching earrings,

$20 for the necklace. In fact, that was what got me into making jewelry

with the thought of selling.

I hadn't really given much thought to children's jewelry but it would

be quick and easy to make. Awhile back, someone gave me her

grandmother's bead collection - lots of gemstones and silver, but TONS

of seed beads of every which I could make a WHOLE bunch of

seed bead stuff, too LOL...

Judy in N. Calif


#35362 Aug 22, 2007

so I could make a WHOLE bunch of > seed bead stuff, too LOL...Oh yes you could! have you ever tried the lil mini flowers?? They are

so easy to make and fast, you could do those or you can take a pony bead

pattern and use seed beads and make the same sort of item only much

smaller. I had a pattern for M&M character (I collect those) and I made

a lil tiny blue M&M turned out to be the size of a penny. My kids loved

it! Just another thought! I love working with seed beads. and

remember "Don't worry! Bead Happy!!"