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#31811 May 29, 2007

Interesting way to put it. For us, I am on disability and had to leave my job. We are hoping this *will* be a job for me. If I found a piece that was popular, I would make more if they sold. Great if it's a piece from my heart, a piece with a story.

By the way Jan, I like your work, the diversity of your designs and materials is particularly nice.

Jan D.

refuse. To me, if I was making duplicates...that's when beading would

become a "job" and much less enjoyable. IMO, each piece I make should stand

on it's own as a piece of art...with it's own story or personality.


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#31817 May 29, 2007

Good point and I can see where you're coming from. I guess it all depends

on personal circumstances. So far I haven't been asked to duplicate any

pieces so maybe it's easier for me to say "I probably would just refuse"

than actually just flat out refuse to duplicate a piece if I needed to.

Thanks for pointing out the fact that sometimes duplicates are a necessary

part of jewelry making. You've shown me another aspect of the whole thing.

And thanks for the compliment on my designs. I appreciate it.



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#31825 May 29, 2007

I have nothing against unique pieces and i wish i can make more of them

- one of a kind jewelry.

However, when people keep coming back and ask me to make duplicate - i

find it hard to say no.

After all it is sort of a "compliment" on the style that they like. So

far, my twice around the world (TWA) pieces and herringbone weave pieces

(sorry, i am not trying to advertise here, just giving example of

duplicates that i made) have been quite popular with people asking me to

redo with different kind of stones.

Happy beading and wrapping.