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#46681 Jun 6, 2008

Hello Everyone,

I have received a lot of email concerning my living aboard our boat and running my business from the boat.

I want to extend the invitation to visit me while we are in port. I will send out this email each time we are in a different port so that you will know where we are and where we are going. The name of our boat is "Time Out" from Shoreham, New York. I would be more than happy to meet anyone who would like to meet us at port. It is always so nice to put faces with the names of people who I am in contact with via email. We only stay in ports usually for a few days, so I can not give to much notice of where we will be. Of coarse if the weather changes we may be

stuck at port for more days than planned. Please take up my invitation for meeting and conversation if you are able.

I would also like to ask that if anyone who would like to have a trunk show or jewelry party while I am in port, if you would contact me by email and I will send you back my cell phone number so that we can talk. I would love to do that to show my jewelry off while I am in your area. Of coarse if you have some friends that would like to come aboard I can do a party on my boat, just contact me first so that I can provision for some cheese and crackers and other snacks.

I think that this could be fun, and I would love to meet you all.

I am really excited to meet you!!