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#38507 Nov 2, 2007

I've been meaning to do this for a while now...

I've joined in on one bulk buy for Integrity Pearls, but never purchased on my own until recently. I know many of you use this company and say wonderful things about them. I bought a LOT of pearls in the bulk buy I joined in on...200 bucks worth after discount. Only a couple of strands were a little off in color then I expected..which is not bad at all considering how many strands I got.

My latest order was only for 13 strands and everything looked great except for 1 strand. This strand (light blue coin pearls) had a lot of problems with the dye being dark and spotty on each bead...and getting stuck in pits and bumps. There really wasn't one pearl on there that I could use so even with the discount making them only 10 bucks..I could not justify spending 10 bucks on them when I would just have to throw them away.

I followed their easy instructions and filled out their return form on the web. I requested to be reimbursed for my shipping on the return of the item since it was not my fault that I needed to return them. I received a nice message back from Rona a few days later thanking me for pointing out the problems with the strand. She apologized for the quality and stated that it definitely was not the quality they want to give thier customers. She mentioned that sometimes inferior strands slip through without them noticing. They refunded my full amount plus 3.00 for shipping. I thought that was really cool of them to be greatful and not be a stinker about the return shipping. I hate that return shipping when it's not our fault the beads are bad...unless you've got a bunch of strands to return or an expensive strand it almost makes it not worth it..but then you hate to eat it at the same time.

I LOVE great customer service...I try so hard myself with my's great to be treated so nicely from suppliers :)


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