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#61208 Feb 25 3:01 AM

I posted pics of mine and Tina's swap earrings in the swap album. We made

each other two pairs. I didn't have a picture of both pairs I made together

because my husband took them separately. He only took one of the turtles so

it's not the best picture but you get the idea. Those are flat odd count

peyote and my first try at it so all I see are my mistakes lol. I pulled the

tension tight to bow the back of them up on purpose and since Brian didnt

know that he tried to smash them flat in the pic lol. The dragonflies are

brick stitched and came out a little bigger than I intended. I used Easy

Bead Pattern Designer to make up the patterns for both of them. The

dragonflies weren't stiff enough so i added a brick stitched heart shaped

"leaf" and that worked.

The pairs she made for me are in the one pic together and theyre gorgeous!

The longer teal ones are flat peyote yes Tina? And the hearts I believe she

learned in a class recently. Those hearts are to die for! I have no idea how

they're made but they are so beautiful and I am wearing them to a class I

have tomorrow on how to save on energy bills. (US residents check your local

human service agency for the weatherization program and see if you qualify.)

Ours are labeled from Tina to Susan and from Susan to Tina.

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- the link breaks, they're in the valentine earring swap 2010-02 album in

the pics section of the group.