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#43561 Mar 20, 2008

Barb mentioned Preston Reuthers page. I had looked at it before, but he

just sounded like one of those 'home marketing rip-off guys' to me. Has

anyone here shelled out the mere $1000.00 for his course? If so, did

you find ti worthwhile? His pictures are impressive, but not nearly as

impressive as some of the people on this group!


Ruth Ann

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#43563 Mar 20, 2008

It looks shady to me, and I don't see any earth-shattering info in

there for the $$. If he's making all these thousands of dollars making

jewelry, would he need to push this so hard? (shrug)


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"Check your e-maille!"> just sounded like one of those 'home marketing rip-off guys' to me


#43564 Mar 20, 2008

Ooooo, I just found this after I last posted. Not good.

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- I agree with Ruth Ann. I've seen much better stuff from this group. ;)


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#43571 Mar 20, 2008

Before getting into the whole drama that revolves around Preston - check ou this can for a minimal fee check out one of his videos and see if YOU think they are worth it! They carry 8 of Preston's videos - it works like Netflix!

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#43578 Mar 20, 2008

I have gotten items from him before and they do send the items right

away. I learned alot from the web site BUT I must say I have learned

more here and enjoy the beautiful work here . I have to agree I like

this way better with people who answer each other and help each other

and hey no cost in help now that is help. Thank you all


#43588 Mar 21, 2008

I bought his small business package...(well actually my sister bought it for me as a

Christmas present).

His DVD's are great and I have completely changed my life since receiving his business package.

The first year that I started doing shows I made $14k in sales. Not bad........and I owe it all to his DVD's and materials on his website.

If you read other posts, you will see that "Betty" is a disgruntled ex employee.

He provides jobs in a depressed area so $6/hr is not unreasonable.

I do not know him personally, but I received everything that was promised me and much more. I am a very satisfied customer of his.

Barbara Tilley


#43592 Mar 21, 2008

I am not a disgruntled ex-employee, just an ordinary customer that was

ripped off by Reuthers. When I placed my order, there was supposed to

be a discount. It was not applied to my order and the company never

responded to multiple emails. I know that I will never order from him

again. He should be as concerned with ordinary customers as he is with

disgruntled former employees. My advice to people who are considering

buying from Reuthers: buyer beware.

We all know of companies where if anything negative is said by an

employee or former employee, they are disgruntled. And the company

feels justified in what they are doing. There are now "whistle-blower"

laws to protect employees from such attitudes and repercussions from

the employer.

Ann> Barbara Tilley