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#4851 Jul 13, 2004

Well I finally got a decent picture of my mothers bracelet, with my kids

names on it. And I attached a picture, if you don't mind looking. I

have a question about pricing though, this one cost me $25 to make and

it's easy to make, how much do I charge? I feel like $50 would be too

much, I don't want to rip people off, because I am new, at this. What

do you think it's worth if all the beads are SS? Your opinions are


~ Sara ~


#4857 Jul 13, 2004

Hey everyone!

I know this discussion comes up all the time! :) But I figured out

something that works for me, and thought I might share with you to see if it might

help anyone else out there.

I've been visiting a LOT of boutiques and stores, both in person and online,

trying to see what's out there and how things are priced using what

components, what styles, etc..... by doing that I've been able to come up with a pretty

good gauge of how to price my things. If I come up with a new design that may

be somewhat similar to something else I've done, or has the same components,

I'll price it similarly too. But sometimes I do wonder how I'm pricing

something, and I've found something about that crafters calculator that's been

referenced a few times... ---Links-Are-Forbidden--- I've used that crafters calculator to try to price things, it just has

always seemed too high!! I plug in $20 for my hourly wage, which I could

probably adjust to come up with a better price on there, but at $20 I don't feel

comfortable charging the "retail price" it gives. But what I did notice is the

wholesale and retail prices that it comes up with..... if I take the exact

middle of those two prices, THAT number seems very fair to me, and when I've

compared pieces I've already priced, that middle point crafters calculator number

is exactly the same!!

So, just thought I'd share!

Have a great day!


Kim Falat

Symphony Jewels

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- s


#30335 Apr 26, 2007

I know this has been addressed before. I can not locate in the

archives. I have made some Braclets to sell. I need to know the guide

lines for setting a price. I believe it was mentioned ---Cost of

Supplies X 3--Is this correct?




#30433 Apr 28, 2007

When i retired i was making $16 an hour 1/2 what the men made but i could never get myself to put that on my cost and it is only 26 cents a minute lol. but then i can make some jewelry in 2 or 3 hours which is $32 to $48 each, so it would be a bit more with cost but i think that is a good price to charge. Then at your rate it would be $120 to180 for the same item. do you include the cost in that $1 a minute. Should i start charging more then i was sure i had it all figured out.


Loretta Wood



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#30730 May 3, 2007

Since i dont design even though i have had a couple of ideas float by but since i didnt make notes it floated on out. ;-) I do understand your prices then because i would want more for my designs. I never tried to charge more for my own designs with dolls than i do using a pattern, maybe i should. One more thing to add to my list of theings to think about LOL


Loretta Wood



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#70936 Oct 3, 2011


I love to bead, but I haven't been doing much of it lately for one reason:

I know that when I finish the piece I am beading I will need to put a PRICE on it. I am NOT a business women by any means, and I just cant seem to figure out how to price my things.

how do you price your work?

any help would be very much appreciated.

thank you and happy beading