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I...m going to be doing my first major show in a couple of weeks, and I have a question about pricing ... specifically for art shows:

Do you price in even or odd amounts? For example, I want to get $20 for a small pendant. Am I better off charging $20 or am I better at $19 or $21? How about change? Would it be even better to charge $19.95? Note that I will be collecting sales tax and I do accept credit/debit cards (I will not be taking personal checks as it...s too far out of area) so it...s going to be odd numbers no matter what I do (unless I make it included... and back the tax out of the price).

Hope I...m understandable!

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>Do you price in even or odd amounts? For example, I want to get $20 for a small pendant.<

If you want $20 for it-- price it at $20!

I base my "retail" price on my costs-- materials, time and overhead-- times the retail mark-up for the consignment venue I have, then round up to the next whole dollar, whether odd or even. If I'm at a venue that charges less than that, I usually discount. If at a venue where I am personally handling sales-- I usually make the price "tax included" (and have a sign so stating) because it is easier than calculating tax on-site and making change for those paying cash (I'm in San Diego, CA). The CA BOE doesn't seem to mind, as long as I send them the money... and they only ask re: total taxable sales value of tax-exempt items withdrawn for personal use, not individual receipts.



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I use the 9.95 pricing method and include tax. I just take figure it out at the end of the day - so much easier. As another poster said though, be sure to have plenty of nickels on hand.



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I figure my price and then adjust it accordingly to add the sales tax in

to make an even number. For example, when I price a bracelet and it's

46.50 I figure out my sales tax (5.5) and then round it up so that it

comes out to an even number. 46.50 x 5.5 = 2.55 . 2.55 plus 46.50 =

49.06 which means I'll sell the bracelet for 49.00. And I also try to

keep my bracelets in similar pricing brackets --

20.00,25.00,35.00,39.00,49.00. Joella


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