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#2763 May 16, 2004

Hey Bonnyjean,

Congrats on the order! Three strand anklet? Sounds fun - you doing a design wear all three strand come in to one bead, then out then in, etc. or using spacer bars to keep the strands seperated?

Here is the pricing formula I use, generally speaking, when selling strung pieces: 3X material labor

My labor is charged at $12/hour, because easy to figure in minutes at .20/minute. Initially, I time myself when stringing at leisurely pace. I jot that down, then get to work on the design - usually takes about an hour to design. Jot that down. I add up my cost of all materials - wire, crimps, beads, spacers, findings, etc. Jot that down and multiply by 3. Add up row of numbers and I have a price.

Never short change yourself on labor. Always pay yourself at least more than what you'd make per hour at the local burger place flipping burgers. If you're learning a new technique when accepting an order, keep in mind what your learning curve is...then price time accordingly. For example, I knew that if my first peyote bracelet with a design took 8 hours, chances were good that the same design the second time would take 6 hours, the third time 4. Therefore, I would have charged 4 hours time on the first one. Personally I don't charge customers for my learning time because they already think I'm the expert once I accepted the order :)

I use different pricing for woven pieces. Generally, easy stitches are at $10/hour, advanced stitches are at $12 and peyote or tubular herringbone with delicas is $15. Add up hours in labor, 3x cost of findings and go for it.

Now, at the show I had 16" and 18" single spiral necklaces with silver plated magnetic clasps - no jump rings, no pendants, no anything other than seed beads and Nymo. When I first added up labor and material the selling price came to $18. Then I thought, hmmmm....wonder what reaction I'd get if they were priced at $25? Well, sold three!

Had a strung necklace from materials purchased on Ebay in a small lot - seed beads, gold plated pewter findings, swarovski 4mm and 6mm bicones with huge matching swarovski pendant. No designing involved - just strung according to size...took all of 15 minutes. Packet cost $8 (which includes shipping). My own material was SoftFlex. Charged 6x cost, marked at $48 and sold at show within first hour.

I know, I overwrote again! Can you tell I communicate often with the written word?! LOL

Hope this helps,