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#7423 Sep 24, 2004

Hi everyone!

I surprised myself and wrote this to another group and felt that it

might be relevant here. (I've been medicated for most of the day due to

a rather nasty sinus infection, so was shocked that logic could come out

of my drugged brain... LOL)

Please feel free to share this and/or add on.

Pricing merchandise we create can be a very tough thing to do. We feel

(and honestly so) that our product deserves to be sold at a fair price

where we make some money, and make our customers very happy with their

purchase. We also hope that return customers are in our future.

Several crafters underprice their work, and it isn't anyone's fault,

sometimes it is hard to find that happy medium between retail and

Buy-Sell imported stuff. Handcrafted merchandise tends to be more

expensive, since we use quality supplies to put in to the piece, and

several hours of blood, sweat, and sometimes tears.

It can be difficult to convey to a customer that our product is better

than Wal*Mart since we've taken the time to make this item last for

years to come. It is also difficult to explain sometimes why a customer

should pay $50.00 on a handcrafted beaded bracelet from us when they can

go to the B/S booth down the way and get 10 for $1.00. Certain

customers don't care that *your* bracelet is better. That yours was

handcrafted and the B/S booth items were made in China. Those customers

won't ever be expected to purchase the higher quality items because

price is their only selling point.

Now, there are several customers who do go to shop at craft shows and

EXPECT to see higher priced quality hand crafted items. They WILL pay

for the fact that each piece was carefully crafted by the person selling

it in the booth. It is these customers that we work for - they

sometimes will follow certain vendors from show to show and will often

purchase items online from that particular vendor. It is these

customers I love and will always put first. These customers expect us

to price our merchandise accordingly and will gladly pay top dollar for

quality craftmanship.

I hope this little novel didn't go on too long - I'm on a new

anti-histamine for my sinus infection and it is making me a little bit

strange... grin> (since when have I *not* been strange, though??? ;-) )

Take care everyone! I won't breathe on you. LOL



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