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#45019 Apr 22, 2008

As I was reading through a bead catalog some blurb mentioned

professional quality materials. So how does one define professional?

Is it someone who make jewelery with the intent to sell? Is it someone

who makes a primary living on jewelery making? Is it someone who has

been doing it for a number of years no matter what their financial

income is from it?

I am just curious about how you would define it and if you consider

yourself a professional. And what kind of professional; beader,

jewelery designer, jeweler?



#45023 Apr 22, 2008


I define it based solely on quality of workmanship, as well as

materials to an extent. For instance, acrylic seems not professional

to me. But it doesn't have to be gemstomes or sterling/gold - I think

brass and copper for the metal is fine, and I'm OK with glass beads.

It all depends on the quality of the finished piece, and not price or

income or whether I do it for a living.

I can do a sloppy job with gemstones and gold...or I can use

brass/copper and glass and make a nice, professional for

me, it's mostly the workmanship.

Judy in N. Calif


#45024 Apr 22, 2008

Websters says: a profession is a: a calling requiring specialized

knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation b: a

principal calling, vocation, or employment c: the whole body of

persons engaged in a calling and professionalism is how you go about

your profession basically.

The word Profession apparently also had to do with a religious

calling...I certainly feel something like that for the stones and

wire I work with. A calling, a need to create, an unity with what I


If a jeweler is akin to a doctor as far as professionals go, I need

alot more experience and education before I could call myself a

professional. I am happy to be a crafter and that is a very good

thing. And as a crafter I can strive to be a professional and

perhaps, years from now, I will be.

Don't get hung up on titles, make beautiful things.