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#3710 Jun 5, 2004

I have to voice my thoughts here. I believe that we all belong to a creative community where everybody canhelp each other make sales. If I have a customer looking atmy table at a fair, I always say be sure to check out my girlfriend'stable next to mine. And she does the same for me. I feel that each of our pieces will find it's own buyer, and that I will not lose a sale if they go looking at someone else's work. But, hypothetically, if none of my pieces sold, and she sold a ton, then I would have look at my pieces with a critical eye for quality, style, pricing, etc. And that scenario would be a good eye-opener for anyone planning on making jewelry a long-term business. It helps to know if you're offbase.

This brings up another point, we all should be pricing our pieces correctly, not just giving our jewelry away. As Don N. said not too long ago, I could scream the next time I hear somebodysay that they just sell their jewelry in order to get more beads or that it's just a hobby. If you're selling, then you're in business and you should price accordingly in order to make a profit. It hurts the rest of us who price correctly (i.e. the craft calculator, among other ways). I will not do a show with someone who just gives theirjewelry away, who doesn't charge for their time, etc.. That is the one area I feel that you can be hurt by someone else. That is also the reason that Ruby Lane requires a certain price point. Also,not charging a correct price says something about what youthink about your jewelry. If you are painstakingly executing yourdesign and construction of your piece and using quality materials,so that it is truly a quality piece of art, then you will feel justified in charging what it's worth.

In closing, I really think there are enough buyers for all of us, we don't need to be worried that a buyer will find out about some other jewelry maker. We just need to find the buyers that will want the style of jewelry we are selling. And anyway, competition is a good thing. It makes us strive to create something that is a real eyecatcher!!


(snip)And don't's totally understood that you wouldn't go out and promote others jewelry businesses when you need to do your own ;-)