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#38136 Oct 25, 2007

Does anyone use their MySpace page to promote their work? I know a lot of

artists use MySpace but I don't know how widely used it is for jewelry

artists. I mention that I do beadwork on mine, but I haven't posted any

pictures yet.



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#38168 Oct 26, 2007

I have a yahoo 360 blog.



#38178 Oct 26, 2007

Eva asked - Does anyone use their MySpace page to promote their work? <<

Jessica got her start using her MySpace and Xanga sites to promote her product - now you see her work in Jewelry Artist and ArtJewelry and she even though she has a website she uses the social networking sites to direct people to her site.


Subastral - my favorite display company - uses a MySpace page to attract customers!

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- dealers also have MySpace pages!

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- do I (but I don't sell).


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#38179 Oct 26, 2007

I mention my store on my Myspace page, but I like the idea of making one for

my store as well. I think I may play around with that.


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#38216 Oct 26, 2007

Hi, Eva:

I created a myspace page to catalog pictures of my work and it's

working out ok, mostly my co-workers log on to look at what I've

posted. The feedback I've recieved from using myspace is that if

the person doesn't have an account, they can't access my page.

Otherwise, it has capabilities to store photos in different albums,

you can personalize the page, etc. It's worth a shot. And I

searched to see how many other myspace pages feature jewelry/jewelry

artisans...there are LOTS of pages.

Good Luck! :-)