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#34869 Aug 12, 2007

I don't know anything about your lampworking question [lol] but wanted to say *awwwww*! about the soon-to-be-born puppies! You should send pics afterword, lol! Cute. Do you let the mom in? Yeah that bad heat isn't good for not only people, but dogs and kitties too.

I am dieing to learn how to make my own lampwored beads too - one of these years... I told hubby once we get settled somewhere, have a little extra $ and a room to do it in, look out!! lol. Oh yes I am sure $ will be a deciding factor for me too frown>. I would imagine there would be a way to insulate it, as I *think* even wood stoves can be insulated??? I think....

Well I do know they make some kind of.... board or sheet that can be hung on the wall by the wood stove, to prevent the wall from getting too hot so - maybe something else can be figured out to put something around the kiln or at least one or two sides of it. Might take quite a "Handy Man" to figure it out though.

I would ask the kiln companies or even places that sell wood stove parts, and maybe even the local Fire Dept. - they might know lol!

Glad to see you posting Johnnie [jelly] Bean! teehee

xo Laurali


Good Afternoon, all!!!! Still in the middle of a heat wave here. What a pain! I don't even want to think about what our electric bill is going to be like again this coming month!!!!

My Bobby Lou should be having her puppy's in the next day or so. Poor thing this heat is just awful for her.

I have a question for you lampwork beaders. I got my kiln, ( at last I made the decision) Couldn't get the one I really wanted, but money is a deciding factor in everything isn't it?

Anyways, can anyone advise me on a exhaust system? Also, is there any way to insulate the kiln? I am afraid with my trembling and walking problems I might accidentally bump up against it and the instructions says they get really hot on the outside!!!

Jonnie Bean