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#1094 Apr 15, 2004

Hi all, I am going to put in a plug for some great auctions going

on. I don't know if I had mentioned this group before, but Harold's

Liver Fund is raising money to pay for a liver transplant for the DH

of one of our fellow beaders, Charlene Booth. Things had kind of

slowed down, but there are now three pages of auctions at Just Beads,

under Charity Auctions.

I don't remember if it was in this group, but someone asked about a

beginner's kit. Charlene offers them, and she now has them up for

auction with a starting bid of $10 (normal price on her site is, I

think $16). I won one and I can tell you, they are awesome! You get

a variety of seed beads, a bead dish, nymo, needles, thread heaven,

and maybe even more - I can't remember.

If you need an excuse to buy beads, this is a good one. You get

great stuff, and are helping to save someone's life in the process.

Here is a snipurl to the site: ---Links-Are-Forbidden--- you can go to, look in the left hand column near

the bottom and click on "Charity Auctions". Not all the auctions are

for Harold, but those that are will say so in the listing. There is

some gorgeous stuff, so even if you don't need anything. Go look,


Thanks for letting me post this. This is a cause I believe in

strongly, even though I don't, personally know Charlene. My hubby

has a terminal kidney disease, and we know it is just a matter of

time before he needs a transplant. Many times people have to wait

for donors, but Harold, Charlene's husband has one, they just need to

money to pay for the operation. Anyway, the beads are great, the

cause is good and it's good karma. What more can you ask for?

Thanks for your patience. Now go look! LOL (pushy, ain't I?)

Lynn in WI