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#49423 Aug 6, 2008

Hi All,

I got natural Pyrite beads from FMG. They are very beautiful BUT the

color is coming off of them! Staining my shirt and neck

Can you please advice on this? Is this the stone or just law quality

beads? Have you encountered similar problems with Pyrite


Thank you,



#49434 Aug 6, 2008

Hi Shani---

I'm not sure why the color is coming off---but with Pyrite---it really shouldn't unless it is

some sort of dye. I know someone you can ask---she may know as she knows alot about

gemstones and she does sell some pyrite. Her name is Szarka at

Just email her and she could tell you what you want to know about pyrite--As for FMG---

I would let them know and get your money back.....hope this helps, Kim


#49442 Aug 6, 2008

Hi Kim,

This is the link to the beads I'm reffering to:

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- purchaed them a while ago but haven't used them untill recently.

I will email Szarka and let you know what I come up with.

Thanks so much for your help!



#49444 Aug 6, 2008

I am sure Szarka @ Turquoise magpie can give you a way better answer,

but here's my attempt at it...

It is absolutely normal for Pyrite to colorfast, it is just the way

this particular mineral is, then there are all the finishing process

that manufacturers do with them...

The druzy type will more likely to stain, like all druzy it's more

fragile, while sometimes high polished beads will not have powdery

residue due to their finish..... less porus...

So what happened with your purchase from FMG is absolutely normal, it

is expected from Pyrite as a mineral to be honest....

Deb @ Crysallis


#49452 Aug 7, 2008

I don't know a thing about pyrite, but I do know that Fire Mountain has one

of the best return policy around. If you're not happy with your beads for ANY

reason, they'll take them back no questions asked. Well, unless of course you

beat them with a hammer or something! (G)

I've found that they're usually brutally honest about any treatments their

stones have had, and any problems that come with them, such as fading, bleeding,

etc. Every stone has a code as well, stating whether it's natural, dyed,

heated, coated, etc.

Good luck with your outcome, whatever it may be.


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