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#55290 Jun 18, 2009

Does anyone use it? Recommend/not recommend it?

I had an interesting experience today. In one of the local bead shops I

asked the sales clerk if she'd ever used the Magical Crimping Tool. I

expected she likely had and intended to follow up with a question about

copper crimps. But the response I got was an emphatic, "No, I never have,

and I never will!" Hm. Okay. Uh, never mind. She went on to say that for

all the jewelry "they" make or repair at that store (I believe it's just the

owner, and her that operate the store) they don't even use a crimp tool,

they just "smash the dickens" out of a crimp bead with pliers and leave them

flattened, occasionally she may use a crimp cover. She doesn't like the way

the crimps look and anyway most people, according to her, don't know how to

use the crimp tool so end up breaking their crimps.

Now, obviously she's entitled to her opinion and to do things however she

pleases, but I have to wonder, now, how many others may share her opinion -

because it really took me by surprise.

She did have a valid argument (IMO) about the crimps and wires having to be

specific sizes - but considering those are the sizes I generally use,

anyway, that constraint is not exactly an issue.

Oh, and my original question for anyone who is still with me: Is copper

harder than sterling or gf? My thought process is this - the Magical

Crimping Tool is made specifically for 2x2mm sterling silver or gold plated

crimps, only. I can see how something harder would damage them but I always

thought copper was a fairly soft material. And I believe the guidelines

were laid down before pure copper became a viable option (or perhaps I'm

just WAY behind the times). So if copper isn't harder, or considerably

harder, than sterling or gold-filled, why couldn't it also be used with the


Thanks again,