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#3004 May 21, 2004

How do you go about sizing your bracelets?

I know that is a ...vauge... {sp} question but I don...t know how to ask it???

Do you just measure so many inches?? Then a little extra to right??

I mean if someone wants a certain size bracelet how do you go about doing


Does anyone know what I...m asking??




#3047 May 22, 2004

I have a friend who is selling off all her beads.........just what do I have

to do to correctly post a link here for the group?? Thanks.



#3052 May 22, 2004

go to the files section and cut and past the sales disclaimer into

the message where you are going to post the link

Happy Beading



#4713 Jul 7, 2004

Of course I have a question!

In the Fire Mountain Gem catalogue right next to the gemstones and especially in the turquoise there are letters like (S), (N), (D), what in the heck do they mean? Do you know?

Thank you



#5177 Jul 23, 2004

I don't know if this is the right group or not. My husband is

looking for a pattern for what I believe used to called a beaded bird

cage. The one we have started appears to be spiral in shape and I'm

not quite sure how long or big it is supposed to be.

We are in N. CA and interest in beading. My husband has made several

beaded lamps, but no seed bead or jewlery projects. We have tons of

beads and hope to re-retire in about 4 years so we will have time to

do a lot more beading and other crafts.



#5585 Jul 29, 2004

I feel like a slacker in this group, because all I have is questions,

not answers for others. Sorry, I'll get there I hope. LOL

Anyway, on to my question. I was making these pretty key chains with

lampwork beads and a charm at the end, they keep coming apart, I need

something to make them stronger, any suggestions? I was using beadalon

wire (could that be it?) and SS crimps. TIA!!

~ Sara ~


#13073 May 16, 2005

I bought a bunch of glass beads, but alot of them are scrached up , what can i do to get rid of the scraches?

Wendy N.

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#15413 Sep 18, 2005

Has anyone ever heard of a stone called an indian tear drop?




#17890 Feb 23 7:46 PM

On the 6th, I'm doing a 45 minute mini class for 30 people.... They

also want me to bring some of my jewelry in case they want to buy

some... (WOO HOO) So, now I'm going to scramble and make some product,

but don't know what I should focus on... Necklaces, Bracelets or

earrings.... I'll probably be doing stringing since that will go faster

than my woven work.... Any and all help is greatly appreciated!



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#18752 Apr 10, 2006

i have been beading for awhile and am just now getting into it

seriously. what is the best way to go about selling on the net? has

anyone every sold at craft fairs? thanks for the help


#28441 Mar 23, 2007

What is a Delica?


#31913 May 30, 2007

Can anyone tell me why Yahoo won't let me load my pictures? I sit and wait, and then get a message saying that I need to start a new album-I've tried that as well and still won't let me load anything. I'm getting frustrated! I actually have done some beading and would like to share my pictures-the funny thing is that Yahoo would let me delete my old pictures.

Well now that I've calmed down enough to share-I will share with you all that my dad passed away last Tuesday after a ten year battle with Alzheimer's. A long terrible disease..he passed about two hours after I'd been with him. So I did what any respectable beader would do and in the evenings after I escaped too much family I beaded. Finished a necklace for my sister, a bracelet I had started for myself, a crystal pendant that is trade material(my sewing machine needed service-she needed a crystal pendant like mine!). I also made a couple pairs of earring recently and a couple knotted pearl bracelets that appear to be the same-I lost one and found it after I had made the second one so now I can stack them together.

I'm going to try and get through all the emails today that I've missed in the last week while I've been running around with my mom-told her she'd see me again on Friday as I'm just too tired to run over there again today.

Hugs-Fergie in WA


#31938 May 30, 2007


I am sorry for your lose. My Grandma had it for over 15 years, the

last five she was unable to move, speak, or communication of any

kind. So I was really more or less relieved that she was able to be

out of the horrible pain that she was in. I think that the worse

part is seeing someone that you love in that condition. And that was

what I do too. I escaped into my beading. Whenever anything that

is really bad happens, thats where I run. Being a nurse, I run

everyday to my little addict world and bead til my hands ache. It's

good affordable therapy. You are in my prayers.



--- In, "Linda Ferguson"


#32455 Jun 8, 2007

Does anyone have instructions for making the bracelet called Mango Burst on the link below? It is so beautiful.

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#32471 Jun 8, 2007

That is really nice. I would like the instructions too.



Does anyone have instructions for making the bracelet called Mango

Burst on the link below? It is so beautiful.

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#34535 Aug 2, 2007

I was finishing a necklace tonight and I was trying to harden jump

rings. How hard and how long or how many times do you hit them?

Thanks for any help


#34758 Aug 8, 2007

How do you drill holes in polished stones? Do you need a drill press and a diamond bit?????????or what? I have some small stones that I would like to drill.



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#36584 Sep 20, 2007


My name is Patricia and really enjoy beading. I am permanently

disabled as well as homebound and collect postcards so if any of

you could send some to me I sure would appreciate it is the only

way for me to see the world. Thanks


#36760 Sep 25, 2007

Where do you live? I work in a convenience store/ gift shop in

Williams, AZ. We have TONS of post cards there.

--- In, "patriciaschoenherr"


#40978 Jan 20, 2008

I've seen lots of bracelets that are beads strung on a stretchy cord

and tied. They would be great for my Mom that lives alone and can't

attach a bracelet on her own arm. My question is, do you just double

knot the cord and does it hold? Also, do you leave extra length of

cord and shove it back thru the beads, or do you cut them off short?

I'm just worried about the knot coming undone. Someone told me once to

put nail polish on the knot, does this work? Thanks............Lynn


#41000 Jan 21, 2008

I use stretchy stuff, a double knot, cut off the ends and have never had

any issues with that. I do use the good stuff (this looks pretty good

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- if you're looking for supplies), because I've had

trouble with cheap cord breaking. To measure a stretch bracelet, take

the wrist measurement and add 1/2" as opposed to the 1" you add for a

regular bracelet. You should be set from there!



#41040 Jan 21, 2008

Hi Lynn,

Another option to consider besides stretchy bracelets for your mother is using magnetic clasps. I make a lot of bracelets with mag clasps for ladies who live alone or who have arthritis. I wind up doing a fair amount of jewelry conversions once someone realizes just how easy the mag clasps are to use and how well they work, then they want me to switch over all their jewelry to the mag clasps.

The best magnets that I have found are the Mag-Lok brand. They're really strong, and they are available in gold or silver plated, sterling silver, and gold-filled. They even have some that look like Bali sliver beads.

If you want to use another brand of mag clasps, I do suggest you get one and make something you wear yourself to see just how well it works. There are many brands out there that are not as strong as the Mag-Lok, and I haven't found any other brand that holds on as well. Mag-Lok is also the only brand I've found that uses no glue, so it won't fall apart. Another thing to note is they are manufactured in the USA. They're more expensive than all other brands, but I believe they are truly worth it for the piece of mind. I've personally never had a bracelet come off, and I love to use this clasp for my bracelets because I hate to fuss with a lobster clasp.

Using a magnetic clasp gives you many options for bracelets other than simple stringing. I've used them for chain bracelets, charm bracelets, multistrand bracelets; I can't think of a bracelet type where they cannot be used!

WARNING: Magnetic clasps should not be used with a pacemaker.

Hope this suggestion helps,

Liz in Sacramento


and tied. They would be great for my Mom that lives alone and can't

attach a bracelet on her own arm. My question is, do you just double

knot the cord and does it hold? Also, do you leave extra length of

cord and shove it back thru the beads, or do you cut them off short?

I'm just worried about the knot coming undone. Someone told me once to

put nail polish on the knot, does this work? Thanks...... ......Lynn


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#41079 Jan 22, 2008


#41080 Jan 22, 2008

Hi Lynn,

I've also use magnets when making bracelets. I didn't know about

Mag-Lok magnets (thanks so much for this information Liz)so I added a

safety chain to my bracelets. If the magnets didn't hold the owner

would still have the bracelet . Hope that helps also.



#41088 Jan 22, 2008

Thank you so much for the help Amy..............Lynn


#41089 Jan 22, 2008

Thank you very much for the info Liz!! Lynn


#41134 Jan 22, 2008


I goofed! In my previous response to your message, I said that we

used stretch magic brand elastic. The stretch magic was unreliable.

We used powercord, and got the best results with it. Sorry about my


Penny > --- In, "Lynn Brown" boysgranny622@


#41135 Jan 22, 2008

Hi Lynn,

A group of friends and I once made a bunch of stretch bracelets for

an event, and we did some trial and error. Stretch Magic was the

most reliable brand - it didn't break once. We found that the .5mm

was not quite strong enough, and that the 1mm was too thick for some

of our beads. We used the .8mm. The best way we found to keep the

double knot secure was to hold it taut as you tie it, and have

another person put a dab of glue on the knot while you hold it. Keep

it stretched for about 5-10 seconds, then release it. This also helps

to get less glue on your beads, although the glue will come off.

Wait at least 24 hours for the glue to dry before cutting the loose

ends of the elastic. Someone else told you to use a square knot. We

didn't know how to tie square knots when we made our bracelets, and

I'd be willing to bet that a square knot would hold better than a

regular double knot. Try to put your knot next to a bead with a big

enough hole to hide it. I hope this helps!

~Penny > --- In, "Lynn Brown" boysgranny622@


#42094 Feb 12 12:18 AM

Is this group more about beading and less about polymer clay?



#42193 Feb 15 4:35 AM

I finished my first peyote ring and tied it with 4 reg. knots. It came

out! The next time I make one should I tie a surgeons knot? How do I

get it to stay? Help!

On other better things, my crimps stay on wire, yay! I really pressed

them though, but I pulled as hard as I could on my practice wire and it

didn't budge!

Thanks Erin


#42212 Feb 15 5:26 PM

Hi Erin,

What I do is...tie a knot (3 or 4 times) then weave the thread through

some more beads, tie some more knots, weave through more beads and cut

the thread (so that it is hidden). You can do this as many times as

you wish. Whatever makes you feel most secure! Some also dab their

knot with glue.



#42296 Feb 20 4:58 AM

I would like to make a ring that has a peyote band and has beads put on

to it that look like fireworks, caterpillar, not sure of the "name"

Does anyone know what I mean?

Thanks, Erin B


#42858 Mar 6, 2008

when putting beads on just string to make a simple necklace, lets say

you change your mind and want to change the beading order. Instead of

taking the beads off the string if there a way you can lay the beads

out to see what your will do before you string it. What would I lay it

on? Pauline


#42893 Mar 6, 2008

At they have a designing program you can use. You have to register at their site but it's supposed to be free other than agreeing to accept emails from them. Linda

Posted by: "Jamee" jay-el@... jjadedone

Wed Mar 5, 2008 10:52 pm (PST) sure you can...I lay my beads out all the time..I have a bead board but I never use it..I either use a hand towel..or I use a piece of that fuzzy baby blanket material that beaders use...I can't think of what it's called..maybe someone else knows. I got mine at a bead show for just a buck.

Beading boards though have a groove in them to lay the beads in..with measurement markers on the side so you can measure while you are laying it out.


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#44581 Apr 9, 2008

I was in a craft store and saw a necklace that they called an Illusion

necklace with clear color beads. the beads were spaced one inch apart with

nothing to hold them. I asked someone how do they hold the beads in one

position but she said I would have to spend $40.00 to find out at a class.

Anyone have a clue? pauline

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#44588 Apr 9, 2008

Hi Pauline,

Ive saw these made with crimps or with using knots, im sure if you do

a search on google for illusion necklaces you will find tonnes of

different methods too



#44646 Apr 11, 2008

To make jump rings what size wire do you need? Pauline


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#45047 Apr 22, 2008

I am looking for directions to make a Russian spiral. Can anyone tell

me where I might find these directions? Donna


#45242 Apr 29, 2008

I`ve uploaded photos of my work in the New Photos section, but they are

marked with an X. What does it mean, and why There are no pictures?



#46448 Jun 1, 2008

I submitted a message early Saturday morning and it appeared early

Sunday morning, but it reads it was posted by someone else????

Joann??? Yet when I clicked on Joanns user name/address it went to a

blank message page with me listed as the sender. I don't understand??


#46450 Jun 1, 2008

Hi, I want to sell my products. But I need to help about Street Fair or Art Fair Work Permit. Do you know any information.


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#46465 Jun 1, 2008

You should contact your local city government for that information. They

should be able to direct you towards the right place to ask. And if permits or

sales tax is required they can also tell you where to apply for such things!


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#50476 Sep 24, 2008

Could some one tell me....when you make jewellery, earrings in particular I'm talking about here... and then sell it and you say that it is 9ct gold...are you just referring to the ear wire or is everything 9ct gold...the head pin or whatever wire you've used to string the beads together? Basically what I'm asking is do you just use normal wire to make the earring and then add a 9ct earwire and sell it as 9ct gold? Does that make sense?


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#53140 Mar 10, 2009

Hi All I have a question is it ok to send an e-mail to this group with

a picture attached Hugs Lee


#54358 May 3, 2009

I want to make a beaded stretchy bracelet. I bought Beadalon Elasticity bead cord- 0.5 mm 5m But it has almost no give. What would you suggest? pauline


#54371 May 4, 2009

in the article, it stated that this was created with 'finger weaving'--here's a link to what it is:

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- this helps!


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#56334 Aug 2, 2009

I have a question. I live in an area that is miles away from any large

city and the towns in my area do not have craft fairs. I have some

assigned to one store that is 2 hours away, but she is really picky

(and I mean picky) on what she accepts on consignment from me. It has

to have real gems in it, nothing acrylic or plastic, but it can have

seed beads.. Any advice on selling my jewelry on line, preferably to

sites that do not charge. I would like to do this but do not know where

to begin. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.



#56404 Aug 6, 2009

Does anyone know where to buy some soft gold tone metal beads about size 11 seed beads?

I think the ones here may have come from Hobby Lobby but don't know for sure. These are not real regular but pretty. Look kind of like a brushed metal.




#58460 Dec 7, 2009

I just started beading and was trying to work through some of the simpler patterns like brick stich just to get the hang of it but I am having real problems and am not sure where I am going wrong. When I stich the beads together I cannot get them to lay side by side, they end up all jumbled and unorganized looking. Is this because I am using cheap beads that are not uniform or the wrong type of thread or is it just me? Thanks for the help, love the information yall give out


#58478 Dec 9, 2009

I have been doing brick stitch for 40 years, and it sound as though you may not be going back up through the new bead after you have passed under the thread. Doing this will make the beads lay flat, rather than all jumbled up. This is done by making a ladder (foundation) row, then to add the rows of brick stitch: pick up a bead, pass the needle under the first thread bridge of the ladder row - making sure you pass the needle from back to front; then pass the needle up through (from bottom to top) the new bead just added. Continue in this way across the row. I hope this helps and solves your problem. Brick stitch (as is all other beading stitches) great fun, and once you get the hang of it there is no limit to what you can do. I have authored 4 books (soon to be 5) on brick stitch and I love working with this technique.

Keep on beading, Deon


#58484 Dec 9, 2009

I can't even get the foundation row itself to lay flat so haven't even made it to the next rows. I think I will try it with better beads and string. What type of string do you use?


#58852 Jan 5, 2010

Are we allowed to extend an invitation to members to join another group?



#58867 Jan 5, 2010

I have been surfing the internet and came across some jewelry made out

of pop cans. My questions is, what do you coat them with so they will

not be sharp? I assume you would need to coat them with something.

Thank you.



#59491 Jan 25, 2010

I am wanting to start doing peyote stitch with seed beads. What size seed beads would be best to use to start and do you use beading thread?



#61002 Feb 18 9:38 PM

Does anyone know anythi ng about the Swarovski New Xilion Crystal Beads?



#61004 Feb 18 9:58 PM

Hi Colleen,

Here you go. The 5328 are replacing the 5301's. you can read more on the link below.

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- care



#61280 Feb 28 6:42 AM

I am wanting to order some snake chain that is unfinished and was wondering how to cut it and what to finish it with?

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- H


#61793 Mar 10, 2010

I must have missed something somewhere. What is bead soup?



#61795 Mar 10, 2010

Hi Colleen I'm new. I have no idea what bead soup is. If you find out please tell me


#61796 Mar 10, 2010

Bead Soup is a mixture of all diffetrnt colored beads


#61803 Mar 11, 2010

When you are working on a project, and have a handful of beads left, especially ones that have gotten mixed, you can put them into another container - labeled "Bead Soup". I keep two such jars, one for seed-size beads, anything from 6/0's to 15/0's. The second jar is for everything else.

It's fun to do a peyote bracelet from the seed bead "soup" - all sorts of colors and sizes. Sometimes I'll pick through a jar, but more often it's just fun to string a bunch of the random beads!

Marla B-P


#61820 Mar 11, 2010

Usually bead soup is all the leftover or "lost" beads that you have. I have dropped many a bead and later found it and added it to bead soup, one time I accidently mixed 3 colors of red beads, the shades were so close that it was a real pain to deal with so they all went into my bead soup bowl lol. And if your like me, (which I hope for your sake your not LOL)I have a habbit of using beads for a project and putting them in a seperate container so I can take the project with me when I go somewhere, and I forget to write down the color number of the bead and that is kinda how the 3 reds got mixed together in the first place, that and bad lighting when i was putting my beads up, lol but that is my bead soup recipe. ;)



#61950 Mar 16, 2010

What type and size bead can you use to do Peyote Stitch Hugs Lee


#61952 Mar 16, 2010

Lee, Any size SEED bead you can do Peyote with would use sz 8 or 6 SEED bead to practice with. When I first tried it I used sz 6 seed bead and was frustrated because I didn't know it works best with SIMILARLY sized beads. I have found sz 6 at craft stores as well as lbs (craft store seed beads are not as regular in shape but you can pick and choose as you work your project).



#62356 Apr 3, 2010

I'm new to the group and was wondering if their is a certain way to reply

to letters as sent one the other day and never seen it and then sent one this

a.m. to the group and to my self and the one to myself came through.

So need to know if am not suppose to post since I'm new or what am I doing

wrong that my replies don't come through????

Let me know

Jan Arizona


#62427 Apr 7, 2010

I am wanting to make a key chain to hold the large hole beads. The chains hanging down from the split ring need an end cap on them so the beads won't slip off. Does anyone know of what type finding I need to attach to the end of the chains? I have not been able to find anything.

Thanks! Joyce


#63139 May 3, 2010

Hi Everyone,

My name is Debby and I am new to the group and new to beading. I have done lots of needlework and crafts, but I have just fallen in love with beads!!!!

I have done some knitting with wire and beads, and wanted to continue. I was wondering if anyone has done any of the bead soup or bead kits from Earthfaire? And how they have worked out? Or what other knitting with bead resources there are for jewelry?




#63697 Jun 8, 2010

Hi all,

I have a problem. When I do a belt-loop hanger. On this particular one

I have 18 seedbeads, one glass bead and a jingle bell at the end. I

used 4 strands of nymo (I think that is the brand of beading string I

use.) The string stretches on me at least half an inch. What can I use

that won't stretch out, or how can I prevent the string from

stretching. It even does it on necklaces, but not that bad.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



#64661 Jul 21, 2010

Can anyone tell me what I can use for a 3mm bead since I don't have one.

Thought I had heard their is a six or eight seed bead that would be about

the same size. SO hoping someone can tell me


jan arizona


#65084 Aug 7, 2010

Hi all I want to learn how to do the Ladder Stitch can I use any type of

beads thank you for any help you can give me Hugs Lee


#67157 Dec 21, 2010

Who sells the best beads for the cheapest? ONLINE?.. retail store? What would be

the reason for shopping with..either for beads?~~~Leila


#67210 Dec 24, 2010

Nope not kind at all. It's just a fact. I love ordering from Magpie Gemstones!

Thanks for being the person you are Szarka! It makes your business a success!

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#69468 Jun 6, 2011

after making Jewelry of any kind how did you know that you were good enough to start to sell? Were you afraid after you sold that you necklaces would break? what steps did you take to have that not happen and did you ever had customers return anything because it broke? pauline


#69504 Jun 7, 2011

It is scary to start selling your jewelry. Give some of your friends your jewelry and ask them to report back to you if any of it comes apart. This way you will find where your weakness is and you can find ways to improve so it won't happen again. I guarantee my jewelry for 6 months for free repairs (except if it for a child). I have had a few peices come apart and I just ask the customer to return it so I can fix it and reinforce it if necessary. And when I return it to them, there is a gift of a pair of earrings included in the package. You would be surprise how far that gift goes in repairing the relationship.

Joanne Martarano (Beaded Fancies)


#70727 Sep 11, 2011

I've seen beadwork done around basic stick like bic pens.



#71177 Nov 4, 2011

I am making necklaces but spacers that are long. I don't know what they are called but I am looking for inexpensive gold tint. If anyone knows what they are called and where I can get some let me know. thanks, Pauline


#71636 Dec 5, 2011

Hi everyone!

I have a question... I've seen where people have used seed beads to make really beautiful sculptures that look like animals & other things, I am wondering if any of you have (or know where I can find) instructions on how to make a star? I've been asked to make a necklace & earring set with a star like that. Would prefer a larger star on the necklace & a smaller star on each earring... but would be happy to find either & I can change my design as I need to. If its easy to do that's much better, but I think I could figure out something more difficult too. Thanks so much for any help you can give me! God bless!




#74897 Oct 4, 2012

I was wondering if anyone has some ideas for water proof jewelry. My hubby and I have had a few arguments over this as he forgets to take off things before showering. This ruins things I have made with beading wire and things I have made with hemp. I said absolutely no more will I make anything for him! I might consider making something if it doesn't do anything to have it wet!

thanks, Erin


#74900 Oct 4, 2012

Erin, you might try an old fisherman's trick: nylon monofilament fishing line. Or fly fishing line.

For beads with larger gauge holes, try parachute cord ( see Amazon for that one.)

Good fortune!


Hand-2-Mouth Mining

PS: Yep, I'm a guy! }:)

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#74902 Oct 4, 2012

Sounds like you need to take up silversmithing, wire work or PMC. Water won't hurt them!



#74906 Oct 5, 2012

Since Fireline is fishing line it can get wet.

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#76052 Apr 4, 2013

Can someone look at this website and tell me, is she doing a ndebele herringbone stitch for the round part of this ring ?

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#76928 Oct 11, 2013

Hello,Can I ask for help liking my bracelet designon a facebook pagebeading contest?I do macram.. beading and am a finalist but need more likes to win...I will give more details if this allowed here.thank you, Lynne


#76944 Oct 12, 2013

Thank you,here is the linkvoting (liking thedesign)started oct 9 ends oct 16I am entry #3 it is amacram.. bracelet I call Skulloween ---Links-Are-Forbidden--- I am only 4 likes ahead...

Hi Lynne, just post a link and we will be happy to vote for your design.Blessings Mod (aka Jonnie Bean)Bonnie JeanZB81

From: intomist@...To: Beadingaholics@yahoogroups.comDate: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 21:35:21 -0700Subject: *Beadingaholics question

Hello, Can I ask for help liking my bracelet designon a facebook pagebeading contest?I do macram.. beading and am a finalist but need more likes to win...I will give more details if this allowed here.thank you, Lynne


#77110 Nov 17, 2013

Super Lon --- Does this need to be stretched before using? I don't use it often and I can't remember.Thanks!Elaine R