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#49300 Aug 4, 2008

Hi all!

Being new at making jewelry and wanting to sell them in the near future, do

I need to obtain a license for me to sell my jewelry? I was on the etsy site

and though I am not done reading everything, I'd thought I'd ask since a lot

of you are selling on etsy and even on blogspot. Do I need to get a license?

If not on those site, will I need to get one before selling the jewelry up

Seven Springs in October? Reason I'm asking is cuz I'm a bit confused with

what people are saying when I did a search. Some say yes while others say no

If I have to get a license, I will have to do the sales tax and all? If

there's a good site bout all this info, can you direct me to it? Thanks so

much in advance! I just wanna prepare myself for when the time comes. I'm

already registered at the etsy and even on blogspot sites. Of course, I'm

just considered as a buyer on etsy for now so there won't be anything on

there except for my profile. As for the blogspot, when I'm done preparing it

I will send in a link. Oh, by the way, I've made a couple of angels with

bead which will end up being windchimes. I'm not done with them right now

but as soon as I am, I'll be sure to let y'all know to check out the pics as

I've also done another set. Just haven't taken any pics yet. Take care for

now. Hugz


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#49362 Aug 5, 2008

You your local Department of Taxation (city or county) and talk with them about it... It was very simple for me to obtain one, especially once I made it clear that I would not have a shop in my home - zoning and all that you know... I think selling on the Internet doesn't count as the same as selling in your home... (As if you will be having tons of traffic and people lining up at the door, as much as we wish for that.)


I just told my county that I would be selling at fairs, etc... Best thing about this is the fact that once I got my license, I was then eligible to take credit card purchases... You need to have a business account to do this, but it has really been worth it to me... Call around to the banks... I found a local bank that does not charge fees for small business accounts... They also were able to line me up with someone who helped me get set up with the credit card machine, etc