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No, not everyone uses a separate oven for baking polymer clay. It's really not necessary unless to are doing production-level work, or you are hypersensitive to the smell (which not offensive, just distinctive).

Besides, a toaster oven is the worst convention baking device for polymer clay. They generally fluctuate too broadly in temperature, they usually are the most temperature inaccurate and have virtually no sweet spot. It's far easier to burn polymer clay in those little things. They may be adequate for toasting appetizers and bread, but polymer clay needs a stable temperate environment to cure properly.

Use your money instead to get a separate oven thermometer and try using your regular oven. Because it has a much larger chamber, has a much larger sweet spot.

When you're ready to bake, place your clay items on an index card, place that on a cookie sheet and cover with a baking dish. This will create a more stable temperature environment. Then, disregard any timing recommendations on the clay package - bake for an hour at the recommended temp as indicated by your oven thermometer (not your oven dial).

And of all the media you could play with, polymer clay is one of the least expensive. Many of the tools can come things you may already have in your house, including rolling pins, wax paper, cutting boards, sandpaper, grinders, buffers and drills (which your husband may not appreciate :D)



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Does everyone, who makes clay beads, use a sep oven? I bought some clay

yesterday thinking I would use my own oven but now I'm wondering if I

shouldn't do that? My husband is going to kill me! This little

"hobby" is costing a fortune! LOLOLO!


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It's true that the temp in toaster ovens fluctuates dramatically and the craft ovens they sell for poly clay are no better that the cheapo that I have. But that's why I switched to Kato poly clay. I can get a good cure without burning. I just personally prefer to have all my stuff in one place and I turned my spare bedroom into my studio so I could keep my craft stuff separate from the rest of the house.

I think that working with poly is one of the most fun and versatile

crafts that I've ever taken up and, yes, it is the least expensive too. And it's a medium that you have experiment with to find your own path.

Desiree, I've visited your site many times for inspiration and information. You're my hero.



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I enjoyed visiting your site and added it to my favorites. I have not worked with my clay in around a year and i thought i had found the best places but i missed you somehow. Thanks for the link to your site.

Loretta in TX