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#2957 May 20, 2004

I was wondering if anyone would be offended or whatever the

appropriate word is if she (or he) received beads made from camels

teeth, coral, horn or bone. No I'm not kidding. Thanks! :)

Leslie A.

Texan in France


#2966 May 20, 2004

I guess I'm a little wary about the camels teeth, but it is okay to

send those. For the swap, you're supposed to share what you enjoy,

so that others might have the chance to experience something new, and

get new inspiration.

uuh, didn't know they made beads out of teeth.

:) J#2> Texan in France


#2971 May 20, 2004


I was trying to find out as I know some are against these kinds of

products. Maybe I'll skip the teeth and okay for the rest. ;)

I have used some of the wood and things, but not teeth so not really

a favorite I guess. I do enjoy new and different things, but I want

to concentrate on something people will enjoy.

Btw, I didn't know those existed either til I saw these. Thought

they were kind of cool.

Leslie A.

Texan in France

P.S. If anyone was interested in the camel teeth "beads" let me

know. :)


#2975 May 20, 2004

No, no, if you want to include them, they are okay. They certainly

are unusual. :)

And I don't think we have too many here who would object to bone and

such. Anyone who is really for animal rights can email me privately

or add that to you info when you join.


J#2> know. :)


#2976 May 20, 2004

Ummm maybe i missed it somewhere but where does one acquire camels

teeth and are they stinky??? Cause camels are super stinky creatures

expecially their breath. Also do these beads look like teeth or are

they carved and such??? I would like to see these beads!!!

Happy Beading

Carolyn> know. :)


#2998 May 21, 2004

Jen, good point! Will definitely include them then! :)

Leslie A.

Texan in France

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#2999 May 21, 2004


No, Carolyn, they don't stink. I think each "bead" is just 1 tooth

with a hole drilled in it. I will take a pic of the beads and a

necklace made with them hopefully later today and post it in my

album for you guys to see.

Leslie A.

Texan in France

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--- In, "Carolyn Moraniec"


#3007 May 21, 2004

Good because I have been thinking about these camel teeth beads too

much lately. I know that the camels had to be dead for someone to

take their teeth cause I've been trying to envision a guy with plyers

trying to remove camel teeth and that seems impossible. Or maybe

they "shed" their teeth and get new ones. I'm really curious!

Happy Beading



#3017 May 21, 2004

Great. Dead Camel teeth. Sounds lovely! (that was sarcastic)



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