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#1631 Apr 24, 2004


I need to get some input here from someone who has experience working in mid-size to large craft fairs and expos. I want to participate in some of these but I know that where I stand now (as a newbie) it takes alot to prepare. I have many questions. The reason this comes up for me is that my sales in NY were wonderful during Christmas 2003, but now things are getting stale. I do this not only as a hobby, but it is my full-time business. I am so frustrated with things because I got locked out of a local crafts fair (missed the deadline by a week--my fault) and the only things I am seeing that look like good prospects are out of state: ie: Florida, Virginia, Arizona, Maryland, and California. Does anyone on list have experience working at out-of-state shows? Any information would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.

Happy Saturday,

Carole M. from NY


#1633 Apr 24, 2004


I don't have any experience with craft shows that are out of state.

I'm assuming that you'll need to look up the local sales tax laws

and etc, etc. But I wouldn't have a clue as to where to send you

unless you came to CA.

I am a member of multiple crafting groups here on Yahoo and I've

actually found the same sentiment. No one is spending money, in any

state. And most of the vendors who sell at crafts shows are doing

really poor and pretty much only making enough to cover the show

itself. Most of us are at a loss as to why. Even my jewelry at

stores are doing very poorly. I'm anticipating that after people

get their refund checks from the government, things will be better.

And when tourist season starts out here by the beach, i'll see

better results. Hopefully.

As far as preparing for craft shows and what to expect, you're more

than welcome to ask me. I do mostly mid-sized crafts shows that are

local here. I rarely consider anything farther than 40 miles from

where I live.

I'm sorry that sales are so horrible for you, right now. I can't

imagine what it'd be like to do my craft full time. I'm sure things

will pick up for you, good luck in the meantime.


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