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#3928 Jun 8, 2004

Well, I have been driving myself crazy for two days and I guess it's

time to ask for help...

My cousin's daughter is graduating this weekend and I would like to

make her something special with unicorns. I did a search for free

patterns and I did a search for online patterns, but nothing strikes

my fancy. I did find an absolutely gorgeous one, but there is no way

I could get it done in time, since it is quite large and takes more

beads than I have.

There used to be a site where you could input a picture and it would

create a pattern for you. I no longer have the link, and it seems to

me that the site was no longer working, which is why I deleted the

link. I did a ton of searches and actually came up with an index for

sites which allow you to create patterns for free, but the most of

the beading ones no longer work. I found one that allows you to

download software to draw a pattern, but I am not that talented.

Then I found a site, which I think is what I want, but it's in

French, which I don't understand.

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- tried using different translation sites, but I still can't make

heads or tails from it. I did download the trial, thinking I could

figure it out, but the installation put a shortcut on my desktop and

when I click on it, it seems to only try to install it again. I even

did a search to see if I could find a folder where it was installed,

but no luck.

What I would like, ultimately, is a fairly decent sized pendant that

I could create. Not huge, but not the size of an earring, either. I

am only proficient in Peyote right now, and I don't think this is the

time to try to learn a new stitch for making a gift. If I can't

create a pattern out of an image, I will have to find one already

created. I even thought about using one of the smaller patterns I

found for earrings, but somehow making it larger. How would you do

this? If you used two or three drop Peyote, it would distort the


Thanks for any help or any tips anyone can give me.

Lynn in WI


#3973 Jun 9, 2004

Thanks, Margaret! That is a cool site and looking at some of the

free patterns, it looks like it would work well for Delicas. I have

bookmarked it and when I am ready to pics of my pets, that is what I

will use.

When you do the beadpic of your mom, I would love to see it!

Lynn in WI