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#61185 Feb 23 10:36 PM

Hi all,

I am curious what you use for your earrings -- for instance I use french hooks, primarily. What I am wondering is -- if you were using such a piece, would you use one that is Sterling, silver or gold plated, gold filled? I use hooks that are surgical steel because of concerns with allergies, as some women/men have that issue.

What are the thoughts of this group? Has this been a problem for those who make earrings..Lee, you do mostly earrings, what do you use?

Gold filled, vermeil, SS, etc...look terrific - but I have always been a bit nervous about using them.

I would appreciate this wonderful group's input.


Elizabeth (Libby) Smith


#61211 Feb 25 12:54 PM

I tend to use surgical steel french ear wires and posts, but keep sterling on hand when I am selling and offer to "upgrade" to the sterling if someone is concerned about allergies and knows that they only want sterling. It usually only takes a second, depending on the style of earring.

I have a friend who can't even wear jeans without the inside button breaking her stomach out...and she can ONLY wear sterling (for a limited time) or gold.

My mom has mild allergies and loves the surgical steel. I think for most people, the surgical steel is fine - or so it seems, imo.

I, however, could stick a dirty safety-pin in my ear and not have a problem :-)



#61276 Feb 27 7:37 PM

Surgical steel might be acceptable if you have only a mild reaction to nickel. But surgical steel alloys vary from one manufacturer to another. Unless the labeling specifically states hypo-allergenic, I'd be worried about the possibility of nickel in the mix (I'm hyper-sensitive myself). If you want to double check your metals for the presence of nickel you can get a home testing kit here: ---Links-Are-Forbidden--- check the subject lines so they don't contain Spam warnings.

> metals on earring findings